Heckuva job guys!

Having lost the last few gubernatorial elections with two unknown nobodies and then the wife of one of those nobodies, all the big shots and know it alls figured the way to go was to nominate the father of our anti marriage equality constitutional amendment, a man who thought putting black men in chain gangs was a great 21st century solution to our social problems, a self described “Reagan conservative” who we’d all been working against in almost a half dozen state wide elections over the past 20 years.  You know, the guy they screwed over Kendrick Meek for.

After all, from the president to the crew of MSNBC to all the activists, we were assured that there was not one single credible Democrat available in the entire state to challenge the most unpopular governor in Florida history.  They moved heaven and earth to clear the field for good ole Charlie.

How’s this folks – – next time, why doesn’t the Democratic Party nominate a DEMOCRAT?

Of course, I’m sure all the smart guys will try to find another losing state wide Republican to nominate . .  . if they can find one who lost !

8 thoughts on “Heckuva job guys!”

  1. Barry, your comment “a man who thought putting black men in chain gangs was a great 21st century solution to our social problems” is an example of “why you lost”. Enough said

    David I thought about you as the night’s results were coming back. I thought about the hard work and dedication you put forth to stand behind your candidates. I doubt anyone worked harder or put as much “heart” in their efforts as you did. From someone on the “otherside” I just wanted to acknowledge your tenacity (spelling) and if anytime you ever want to cross over from the “dark side” we would be glad to have ya..

  2. Just imagine the pressure that was put on every other Democratic elected official to stay out of the race against a weak and hated incumbent. To get in that race, you had to buck everyone from the president to your city commissioner. . . all because the big brains were cynically convinced that all us robots would jump in line to vote for Chain Gang Charlie, the life long Reagan Republican who worked to enshrine “traditional marriage” in Florida’s constitution. What did Truman say about real vs. fake Republicans?

  3. Joe Kreps, when a candidate like Nan Rich loses by 50%, I do not believe she was a viable candidate.
    Just stating what I believe is a fact.

  4. Susan – – this is the SECOND time our national and state party leadership left a good Democrat out to dry and cut off all funds to the DEMOCRAT for the benefit of Charlie Crist (Kendrick Meek for Senate and Nan Rich for governor). If we were in Hollywood, CA, they’d be asking who he was #^*%ing. Of course, this is Hollywood, FLA, so the answer is US.
    You’re correct, Nan had little chance, but what little chance she had was gone once the word went out from D.C. and Tallahassee that Crist was the anointed.
    Let me ask one question – – will ANYONE in D.C. or Tallahassee be held accountable for the loss of two major elections in Florida (Rubio v. Meeks v. Crist, and Scott v. Crist) due to bad bets on Charlie Crist? Doesn’t that seem like something you lose your job over?

  5. Barry Warsch, the failures of the Democrats in Florida lay at the leadership of the Florida Democratic Party. At every election they fail to run Democrats in every statewide House and Senate race.
    At 8:00:01 PM on November 4, 2014 the GOP already had about 25% of the 40 Senate seats as the FDP leaders failed to run any Democratic candidates in 25% of the statewide races. (Assuming all 40 seats were up for grabs.) What Democrat is going to get out of their home when there is no Democratic candidate for the Senate to vote for? Run anyone! Show everyone that the Democrats are willing to cover 100% of Florida. It is due to the laziness of the leaders of the Florida Democratic Party, STATEWIDE, that has allowed the GOP to own all the statewide offices and the House and Senate. Let us all put pressure on the FDP to get off their butts and get to work.

  6. Susan, I wonder what Nan’s viability would have been if the fix wasn’t in. The election is over. We must live with the devastation that Crist and the leaders of the national and state party have given us, Senator Rubio and Governor Scott.

  7. Mr. Joe Kreps, if what you say is true, what are you going to do about it? What are your personal suggestions? You are upset with the national and State party leaders? Well, so am I. They show no leadership on how the clubs need to increase in membership size. They show no leadership on how the clubs should spend their money to elect Democrats and pass approved amendments. What I have seen from local Democratic clubs is that the elected officers and their personally friendly board members just want to spend their club’s money on parties and go to Democratic events. No money spent directly to help elect democrats. I know of two clubs that did not spend a single dime on the November 2014 elections. Where is Mitch and the DEC? Does anyone there ever look at the financial statements of every club? I doubt it. But Mitch and the DEC love to take 10% to 20% of all club’s monies. Joe, how did your club spend their money on the Nov elections? How much was spent on that election? How much money did your club have in the bank on October 31, 2014? The only way to change Mitch and the DEC is for us all to ask them: “What have you done for us?” A handful of DEC palm cards hardly covers any of the money that Mitch and the DEC takes from the clubs yearly. Rubio will be running for re-election in Nov 2016. What are Mitch’s and the DEC specific plans and ideas to defeat Rubio? Those are the questions we all need to ask Mitch and the DEC. And what Democrat in Florida is capable of defeating Rubio? Will Crist run again? If so, will Nan’s supporters AGAIN stay home and not work and vote for Charlie? They sure did that this November. Joe, thank you for expressing your anger at the national and state Democratic leaders. What are you, we, going to do about it?

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