Take Time to Read Hillary Clinton’s Speech on Contrasts with Trump

I have sometimes worried whether Hillary Clinton was the right candidate for this crazy year, but today I feel great. Her foreign policy speech this week not only scored points against Donald Trump but laid out a positive vision for America’s important role as a strong country that upholds values that matter to the world.

Whether you’ve watched the whole thing or only a few clips on the news, I encourage you to read it and study it.

Transcript: Hillary Clinton’s Speech on Donald Trump and National Security

This is the message all of us as Democratic volunteers need to know in our hearts and feel in our bones. With apologies to those still hoping for some reversal that makes Bernie Sanders the nominee, odds are the party is about to bet on Hillary — and the stakes are too high to dwell on what might have been.

While it is hard to believe the nation would ever elect Trump, it was also hard to believe that the Republican party would nominate him. Now one of the biggest dangers of this election is that the Democratic message will focus too much on the negatives of Trump and too little on the positives of our own candidate. To a lesser extent, this was one of the downfalls of John Kerry’s campaign against George W. Bush — Democrats often seemed much more passionate about how much they hated W. than about how much they liked Kerry. That year, too, had it’s equivalents of the email server and Benghazi controversies — the Swift boat attacks used to undermine Kerry’s integrity.

At times, Clinton has seemed to also focus on her message of stopping Trump rather than a more positive message for her self (or at least that’s what came through in the news sound bites). This week, she truly took Trump apart, but she did it with humor and confidence. She sounded like a future commander in Chief, and she reminded us why that matters.

As New York Times columnist Gail Collins points out:

There’s no reason this should stop with foreign affairs. If Clinton could do the same thing on the domestic front, she could pulverize Trump on his insane tax plan, his wildly erratic positions on health care and his complete absence of any thoughts whatsoever about education. In the process, she could unroll an agenda of her own that’s smart and responsible, but also large and exciting.


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These are just a couple of examples: the reviews were almost uniformly glowing.

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