Adding One or Several Club Events. Plus: Adding Multiple Event Editors for Your Club

I’m writing this in response to a query from Barry Butin of the Westin Democratic Club President, who said he always gets confused about the mechanics of adding a new club event. He is not the only one who has told me the website is not as simple to use as I like to think it is, so I thought I should share my answer publicly for the benefit of others.

As a club officer who is authorized to update the club’s events, you ought to be greeted by a display like this after logging in:


This main dashboard listing is supposed to guide you through the process of adding one or more events based on your club’s event template. The template is a place for you to record your regular meeting schedule and location, plus other boilerplate details like a standard location and club contact information. If you set up a schedule like the Weston Club’s “Last Monday,” the software tries to project out future meeting dates, according to that schedule. You always have the option of tweaking the dates and other details, if your schedule varies from the norm for a given month.

Add a Single Club Event

To add a single event (your club’s next meeting), you would click the “Add from Template” button under “Add One” at the top of this listing. That will create a draft event that imports all the boilerplate details from your club event template. I recently changed the way this works slightly: When you add a single event, you will now be taken to the editing screen so you can add details like the names of speakers or activities you will be conducting prior to posting your event to the website.

You Are Not Limited to Posting Club Events

Just because you typically add events for your club does not mean you cannot also post other types of events. You can post one-time events such as campaign events, not just events based on a template.

The option for doing that is Calendar -> Add New, which gives you a blank editing screen that you will use to provide the title, schedule, and other details.


You can post any event that would reasonably be expected to be of interest to the BlueBroward audience. (If you post a Republican fundraiser, expect it to be deleted).

Adding Multiple Club Events

BlueBroward also allows you to add events for several months into the future, based on your club event template. You can post them as placeholders and then edit them later as you establish details like the names of guest speakers.


Check off the dates you want to add (or click “Check all” to select all of them), then click “Add From Template” – you should get a confirmation that all the dates have been loaded into the system, with links that will allow you to view or edit them.


If you have previously posted events in the system, you will see them on the Dashboard (and on the Projected Dates screen under Club Event Templates), with links that allow you to edit, delete (Move to Trash), or view them. Existing events are listed before the options to add more events based on the template.


Editing a Club Template and Delegating Editing Rights

Most people ask me to set up a club template for them, which I’m happy to do. However, you can do it yourself from the Club Event Templates screen, by clicking the New Template button up top.

If there is an existing event template for your club, but you do not have access to it, write me to request that you be made the new owner of that template. If you’re not already a BlueBroward member, please establish an account first. Let me know the email address associated with your account, the name of your club and your role with the club.

I recommend giving more than one person editing rights for your club template (for example, both the President and the Secretary) so that more than one person can post and edit events for the club.

If you scroll way down on the Event Template editing screen, you will find a section labeled “Additional Editors.” If you know that the person you want to delegate to or share with has a BlueBroward account, you may be able to find them on the drop-down list of members. Alternatively, you can enter that person’s email address. If they are not already registered with that address, the system will add them and email them a password.

One of the downfalls of this system over the years has been the lack of a handoff of editing rights when the officer who previously took responsibility for that leaves.

Make it Count

The purpose of BlueBroward is to provide services to Democratic activists and give people who are interested in becoming active Democrats with lots of opportunities to connect and get to work. Please take full advantage of the website — and let me know how I can make it better.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster