LGBT Alliance Endorsements

LGBT Alliance Broward County Endorsements 




United States Senator> Patrick Murphy
23rd Congressional District> Debbie Wasserman Schultz
24th Congressional District>Frederica S. Wilson
State Attorney> Mike Satz
State Senator District 34>>James “Jim” Waldman
State Representative District 93 >>Ken Keechl
Clerk of the Circuit Court >>Mitchell “Mitch” Ceasar
Property Appraiser >> Marty Kiar
Sheriff>>> Scott Israel
Supervisor of Elections >> David Brown
County Commission District 1>>Nan H. Rich
County Commission District 3 >Michael I Udine
County Commission District 5 >>Steven A. Geller
County Commission District 9 >> Christopher¬†“Chris” Smith
School Board at Large Seat 9 >>> Robin Bartleman
Circuit Judge Group 9>>>Lea P. Krauss
Circuit Judge Group 15>>Matthew I. Destry
Circuit Judge Group 23>>Barbara McCarthy
Circuit Judge Group 24 >>Michael Lynch
County Court Judge Group 2 >>Kal Evans
County Court Judge Group 7> Nina Weatherly Di Pietro
County Court Judge Group 8>>Stephen J. Zaccor
County Court Judge Group 13 >>Betsy Bensen
County Court Judge Group 14 >>Kim Theresa Mollica
County Court Judge Group 21 >>Russell A. Thompson

5 thoughts on “LGBT Alliance Endorsements”

  1. Each election I send out a burst email to friends and family with LGBT endorsements/recommendations covering Broward Cty. In turn I ask them to foward the email to their friends and families.

    1) My Broward Cty sample ballot has 3 races you didn’t cover.
    a) State Senator District 29 b) State Representative District 92 c) State Representative District 95.

    2) The following endorsements by you differ than those of Dolphin Democrats endorsements which makes it confusing. Are the candidates so alike that you chose different ones? Is there a reason why Dolphin Democrats differ like this?
    These are the races where the recommendations differ;
    Circuit Judge 17th Judicial Circuit, Group 24
    County Court Judge, Groups 7, 8, 14, 21.

    We want to vote as much as possible for the best candidates. Can you please shed some light on this for us. It’s not easy to find some of the voting records and details on some candidates.
    Thanks in advance for you assistance.

  2. Your advice is very much considered and appreciated.
    Retaining of 4th District Court of Appeal:
    Dorian K. Damoorgian
    Jonathan D. Gerber
    Robert M. Gross
    Spencer D. Levine
    Melanie G. May

    Broward Soil & Water Conservation District Seat 3:
    Jelani Anthony Harvey vs Rico Petrocelli

    Broward Soil & Water Conservation District Seat 5:
    Richard Denapoli vs Fred Segal

    Recommendations for Oakland Park City Commission (3 persons);

  3. SERIOUSLY ? ?
    No recommendations for the November elections ?
    What about all those judges ?
    What about the Ballot Initiatives ?
    PS: And, a dead link to a Japanese golfing site ! Your webmaster is asleep @ the switch

  4. Go to Dolphin Democrats. Much more aware of the election. Hillary and Murphy are no-brainers. If we don’t pick the right persons down the line we’re screwed.

  5. i like this site..Its made it easy for me to vote.. I just look at who you all favor and go the opposite.. Thank YOU

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