Share Your Video Testimonial for Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton DNC July 2016

Can you give a passionate testimonial on behalf of Hillary Clinton? One that is about reasons to vote for her, rather than against Trump? And why victory in Florida is so important? If so, I would like to share a video of your testimonial on BlueBroward and help you share it on social media.

There are a few ways we can make that happen:

  • You record the video and share it via YouTube, Facebook, or a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. This can be a selfie video or one you have a friend or family record of you giving your pitch.
  • We can schedule a time to meet in an online video conference, which I will record and edit. I can¬†interview you or coach you through it, if that helps.

You don’t necessarily have to say a lot — in fact, if I can edit it down to 30 seconds or a minute more people will probably watch. If a bunch of people do this, we can edit it down to a mix tape of the best clips.

Why Do This?

I want Hillary Clinton to win this election because I believe she is the only reasonable choice, even beyond party preference. On the other hand, I know others are more knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the reasons to support her than I am. The reasons to vote against Trump should be obvious, but the reasons to support Hillary are not as obvious to everyone. People who feel good about the person they are voting for will be a lot more motivated to vote.

You have the power to help make that happen.

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Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster