Motor Coach Transportation to “Tax Day” Demonstrations

We strongly urge people to take bus transportation to the demonstrations that will take place on April 15, Tax Day in front of Trump Tower, Hollywood, Fl, at 9:30 AM and in front of Trump Plaza, West Palm Beach at 12:00. Avoid the traffic, parking, driving hassle so that we can get as many demonstrators as possible. As you know Trump has not released his tax returns – THE ONLY PRESIDENT WHO HAS NOT DONE THIS. WHAT IS HE HIDING? 
 We encourage you to make signs
April 15 “Tax Day” Motor Coach Routes
Pompano Beach (E. Pat Larkins Community Center) to Hollywood
Route Link
Code: 9831f936421   8:45 AM to 12:35 PM     $19.53 to $14.47
Plantation, (West Regional Library), to Hollywood  
Route Link: 
Code 4dfeafd64e7   8:45 AM to 12:40 PM   $20.94 to $15.51
Coral Springs (NW. Regional Library) to Hollywood  
Route Link: 
Code 494d37f53a2   8:30 AM to 1 PM   $21.65 to 16.03
Hollywood, (2500 S. Ocean Dr). to West Palm Beach –
Route Link: 
Code cba4f299865       10:45 AM to 4:15 PM   $25.42 to $18.83
Town Center, Boca Raton to Trump Plaza, West Palm Beach
Route Link: 
Code:  ed4a65d90f9   11:00 AM to  3:45 PM
To make a reservation:
1. Go to Start and Join Bus Rides to Go Anywhere | Skedaddle at the top right CLICK ON SIGN UP Fill out the form or use Facebook
2. Go back to the home screen and you will see your name at the top right – Click on it and go to the drop down menu PROFILE and click on it. Fill in your information and credit card number.
3. Use the ROUTE LINK above to copy and paste in your browser. The code should be there with all the information on the route. Make your reservation. An email will be sent to confirm your reservation. Remember we need 40 passengers to make the route go live. When it goes live that is when your credit card will be charged.
4. If you have problems:  Customer Support email is and service phone number is 855-770-2670