The Rushin’s Are Coming!

The Rushin’s Are Coming!

Rushin’s, the new American political movement based on a “One planet, One People” philosophy, advocates inclusion over exclusion, healing rather than hurting, and sharing instead of depriving.

Our platform, a living document, includes:

1. Indigenous People’s Reconciliation: Indigenous peoples of the United States have been displaced from their history and heritage. Rushin’s support social, economic, and political reconciliation for all Indigenous Americans.

2. African American Reparations: African Americans of the United States have endured centuries of structural racism. Rushin’s support social, economic, and political reparations for all African Americans.

3. Capitalism With A Conscious: From its inception, the United States of America has been dominated by an in-equitable, “profit-over-people” economic system. Rushin’s support the peaceful transition to an equity-based capitalism which eliminates poverty and limits profiteering.

4. Environmental Protection: Earth is our only home, and we need it far more than it needs us. Rushin’s support the protection of all local, state, national, and global environments.

5. Sensible Gun Control: Guns represent the most violent form of common interpersonal aggression in America today. Rushin’s support sensible gun control which balances individual, state and federal needs.

6. Socialized Medicine: We are only as strong as our weakest link, and we are only as healthy as our sickest individuals. Rushin’s support universal access, single payer, government healthcare in the United States.

7. Globalization: We are one people on one planet: together we stand or divided we fall. Rushin’s support the continued peaceful and inclusive globalization of all peoples and all nations.

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