Support These Two Efforts for Thanksgiving (and Then Come Out to Help!)

    Good afternoon, everybody!  Allow me to wish every single one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Many Republicans (including the President) appear to believe that it would be better to elect to the United States Senate someone who has done what Roy Moore has done than a Democrat.  Should Moore win, then the Republican Party becomes the party of Moore and Trump, and (as Jeff Flake said) it will be toast!

    I just made two contributions, first to the campaign of Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate in Alabama ( and second, to the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (  (This is the effort being worked on by Barack Obama and Eric Holder to fight against gerrymandering and restore fairness to elections in congressional and legislative districts.)  Let’s fix our political system!

    It was another good weekend for the collection of rights restoration petitions.  On Saturday, Janet Thompson and I collected 26 petitions at the Craft Fair in Davie before they made us leave.  The Craft Fair in Weston on Sunday was much more welcoming:  Lonnie Supnick and Mary O’Donnell helped to collect 78 petitions.  On Monday at the South Regional Courthouse, Ronnie Heller and Lauren Tate joined me to register 4 voters and collect 49 petitions.  On Tuesday, Jackie Braun and her Hollywood volunteers registered 4 voters and collected 43 more petitions.  Also yesterday at the Broward Democratic Party Meeting, several people gave me a total of another 33 petitions.  And today, at the Hollywood Courthouse, Penny Cukier and Andrew Dolberg (a wonderful brand-new volunteer) came out to help collect 51 rights restoration petitions. That’s another 280 petitions since Saturday!  Awesome!

    But the Campaign has set December 15th as the cut-off date for petition collection.  So we have less than a month to collect enough to make sure that this Amendment gets on the 2018 ballot.  Want to help?  Here’s how:  Join an event this coming weekend or just go out and collect petitions in front of your local supermarket or knock on doors in your neighborhood.  I can provide you with all the blank petitions you need.

    On Monday and Wednesday, November 27th and 29th, we will be back at the South Regional Courthouse 3550 Hollywood Blvd., just west of I-95, in Hollywood, from 10 AM to 2 PM.  We have the forms needed, a table and chairs, and an overhang to protect us from the sun.   If you’d like to just fill a 2-hour shift, just let me know the times. The weather has been wonderful!  Please let me know when you can join us.

    Thank you for helping to restore the right to vote to over 1.6 million Floridians!