Have You Heard About the Universal Background Check Petition?

    Hi, everybody!

    Have you heard about the Universal Background Check Petition?  In addition to registering voters and signing people up to vote by mail, we are now also collecting petitions which read as follows:  “I demand the Florida Legislature take action on universal background checks, and other legislation to take guns out of the hands of dangerous people and to keep our communities safe.  I add my name below to send the message to the Legislature the time to act is today!”

    We had a great team of volunteers at the West Regional Courthouse this week: Beth Feldman, Marcia Kirshner, Marsha Eisenberg, Lauren Tate, John Countryman, and Tim Houghton braved the rain and helped to collect 7 voter registration forms, 9 vote-by-mail requests, and 99 gun safety petitions!  Here’s how you can help going forward:

    John Ziegler’s team will be back at the West Regional Library in Plantation tomorrow, May 19th, from 10 AM until 6 PM.  If you’d like to help with voter registration at the Library, please contact John at 954-232-3918 or johnjoeziegler@aol.com.

    I will be back at the West Regional Courthouse (Pine Island & Broward) on Monday and Wednesday, May 21st and 23rd, from 10 AM to 2 PM to register voters and sign people up to vote by mail.  As usual, we will have our large canopy to protect us from the sun and/or rain and a table  and chairs.  Don’t worry if you have never done voter registration before.  It is very easy and rewarding!  Please let me know when you can join me.

    The Broward Democratic Party is offering a large number of workshops to train new volunteers, including an orientation session, voter registration, voter engagement, canvassing, etc.  Many of these trainings are being offered right in the Party Office on Sunrise Boulevard.  Take a look at the following and sign up for one of these training workshops:  http://browarddemocrats.org/events-2/

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