Are You Ready to Help? We Need You!

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    Greetings, Democrats!

    The Primary Election for 2018 is on August 28th.  The last day to register a new voter for that Primary Election is July 30th  By mail ballots should start arriving at about the same time.  Vote by mail requests are only active for 2 years, so If you have signed up to receive your ballot by mail, you should check with the Supervisor of Elections to make sure your request is still active.   In the August 28th Primary Election, we will be choosing the Democratic candidates for Florida’s Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture, and State Representative (in my case, that means District 98.)  We will also be electing 12 Circuit and County Court Judges, and a School Board Member (in my case, that means Seat 8.)  The final item on the August 28th Ballot is a proposal to fund security and essential instruction related school expenses through a 1/2 Mil property tax levy.  (I urge a yes vote on that.)

    It was standing-room-only at Tuesday night’s Plantation Democratic Club Meeting, featuring some of the candidates for Mayor of Plantation.  The Meeting was covered by WLRN, which published the following account:

    It was another productive week at the West Regional Courthouse.  Many thanks to Joseph Russel, Marsha Eisenberg, Norman Levy, Helen Skinner, and Andy Schweitzer for coming out to help!  We collected 21 voter registration forms, 21 vote-by-mail requests, and 127 Universal Background Check demands!

    The 2018 Mid-Term Elections are on November 6th!  That means we have a limited number of weeks to register as many Democrats as we can.  Remember, the more Democrats we register, the larger the Democratic turnout will be.  And the larger the Democratic turnout, the greater the chances to elect a Democratic Governor and re-elect Senator Bill Nelson.  Broward can play a huge role in turning Florida blue, but only if you join in to make it happen!  If you are ready to come out and help, here’s how:

    On Saturday, July 14th, John Ziegler’s team will be back at the West Regional Library in Plantation from 10 AM until 6 PM.  He still needs volunteers for the 2 -4 PM, and 4 – 6 PM shifts.  If you’d like to help with voter registration at the Library, please contact John at 954-232-3918 or

    And on Monday, July 16th, and Wednesday, July 18th, I will be back at the West Regional Courthouse (Pine Island & Broward) from 10 AM to 2 PM to register voters and sign people up to vote by mail.  As usual, we will have our large canopy to protect us from the sun and/or rain and a table and chairs.  Don’t worry if you have never done voter registration before.  It is very easy and rewarding!  Please let me know which days you can join me.