It Takes a Lot to Get Me Discouraged

    So the Democratic Party was victorious in enough races to take back the House.  That’s great!

    And here in Florida, in what was otherwise a very frustrating night, Amendment 4 passed, which will, restore the right to vote to more than 1.4 million Floridians with felony convictions.  I worked very hard to make this happen, so I am obviously encouraged by this victory.

    Now let’s consider what has happened over the past 20 years in each of our elections, both national and statewide:  In Florida, Democratic candidates have been losing by margins which have been incredibly small, usually by less than 100,000 votes.

    This same sad story seems to have played out yesterday:

    In the Florida Senate race, Rick Scott is (at this point) ahead of Bill Nelson by only 34,500 votes!

    And in the Florida Gubernatorial race, Ron DeSantis is (at this point) ahead of Andrew Gillum by only 50,900 votes!

    What can we do to change the way these elections play out?  One thing that we can now do seems obvious to me.

    With the passage of Amendment 4, we can make it a priority in Florida to register each and every man and woman with a prior felony convection so that they will be eligible to vote in all future elections in our state.  Think about the numbers.  If only 1.2 million, or only 1.1 million, or only 1 million of these now eligible voters register, I believe that the number of Democratic voters in Florida will increase dramatically.  If 1 million register and most register as Democrats, it will only take a small percentage to make Florida a reliably blue state.  30% would mean 300,000 more Democratic votes!  20% would mean 200,000 more Democratic votes!  And even 10% would mean 100,000 more Democratic votes!

    So, I respectfully suggest that the Broward Democratic Party and the Florida Democratic Party make the registration of our 1.4 million neighbors with felony convictions and immediate priority.  Let’s change the outcome going forward!

    So, you see, I did find something to be encouraged by in yesterday’s election results in Florida.


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