Looks Like Our Votes Were Not Counted

My wife and I requested vote by mail ballots — then, just to be sure, delivered them in person to an early voting location rather than trusting the mail. We should be able to confirm that they have been counted on the “status of my vote” screen of the Supervisor of Elections office website (if you haven’t checked, do it now).

We entrusted our ballots to SOE staff on Oct. 28., but as of today they still  show as “received” — not tabulated, and not rejected.

(Update: On Friday, the status finally changed to tabulated.)

General election vote not counted

Yes, we were careful to sign and date the envelope, as required.

For comparison, you can see the tabulated line on my vote for the primary election.

Primary vote counted

Is it possible this is a website glitch and has nothing to do whether my vote is actually recorded? Sure, anything is possible, but the whole point of this website feature is to provide transparency and confidence in the election system.

After several days of obsessively checking this page of the website, Beth Anne went to the SOE office in Lauderdale in person. That’s after several phone calls weren’t returned. After taking her license, they said her vote had indeed been counted but that it “takes a couple of days” for that information to be reflected on the website.

A couple of days? We turned in our ballots on Oct. 28. Their system shows them as received on Oct. 30 — 9 days ago.

Yes, I know there are lots of other issues with provisional ballots and college students who requested but never received a vote by mail ballot. But we got our ballots, filled them out carefully, then hand delivered them — and still don’t know whether to trust that they were really counted.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster