Do You Know Any Felons We Can Register to Vote?

    Good afternoon, everybody!

    So, both Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson lost their races by the smallest of margins in a state with over 8 million votes!
    For the past three years, during the time I worked so hard to get the Rights Restoration Amendment on the ballot and then to get it approved, I suggested that with over 1.4 million Floridians with felony convictions, the restoration of voting rights could go a long way towards making Florida a reliably blue state.

    And so today, in an article in Vox, the writer agrees with my suggestion, saying that if people with felony convictions had been able to vote, Bill Nelson would likely have beaten Rick Scott.  He is less sure that Andrew Gillum would have won, but I think he would have as well.  Check out this article and then let’s talk about what we can do.

    Amendment 4 restores voting rights to all former felons who have completed all the terms of their sentence, except for those convicted of murder or sexual felony offenses.  It is self-executing, meaning that no further action is necessary for eligible felons to register to vote.  Starting on January 8, 2019, any eligible former felon can register to vote by checking the box in Question # 2 on the Florida Voter Registration Application and affirming that their right to vote has been restored.

     Instead of just waiting for ex-felons to come across a voter registration event by chance, I would like to try to reach out and let them know where and when they can go to register to vote starting in mid January.

    So if you know anyone in Broward County who would be eligible to vote under this constitutional amendment, please give them my email address (, and ask them to message me with their name and telephone number.  We will then contact them about where and when to register to vote.

    Thank you for helping to pass Amendment 4!

    Alan Ehrlich