Wednesday was a Great Day at the Courthouse!

  	Hi, friends!    	Today at the West Regional Courthouse was the kind of voter registration day I always hope for.  We registered 4 new voters, and 3 of them were felons.  All of  them registered as Democrats!  So on Monday and Wednesday, we collected 7 voter registration forms and 123 Medicaid Expansion petitions.  Many thanks to Lonnie  Supnick, Norman Levy, Penny Cukier, Lauren Tate, and Marsha Eisenberg for coming out and doing such a great job!    	For those of you who promised to come out and help register our neighbors and colleagues who have felony convictions in their past, now is the time to put your  money where your mouth is.  Come out and volunteer with me on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 10 AM to 2 PM.    	I will be at the West Regional Courthouse next Monday and Wednesday, February 25th and 27th.  Can you join me on either or both days?    	And for those who would like to be trained by the Broward Democratic Party, the upcoming dates can be found at    	Alan