Our President Doesn’t Want Anyone to Know How Stupid He Is

  	Hi, everybody!    	Did you see any of Michael Cohen's testimony before Congress today?  Much of it was a very revealing look inside the ego and character of our 45th President.  I can't decide whether my favorite anecdote was Cohen's revelation of the threats Trump had his lawyer make against all of the colleges that Trump attended  to prevent any of them from releasing his grades, or the fact that Trump had his people purchase the painting of himself for the highest price paid for the items  auctioned off in that sale (to make it seem like his portrait was the most valuable item sold that day!)    	It has been a very productive week for voter registration and petition collection.  On Saturday, at the Community Block Party in Sunrise, organized by Ellen  Moltz, our wonderful team of volunteers including Janet Thompson, Robin Adell, Michael Goldfarb, Tina Kaplan, Ruby Foster, Ronnie Heller, and Ruby Foster  helped to collect 6 voter registration forms, 115 Medicaid Expansion petitions, 22 Assault Weapons Ban petitions, and 6 Minimum Wage Increase petitions!  And our new Area Leader, Cheryl Levin, collected more voter registration forms and petitions at the Block Party.    	Then, on Monday, Lonnie Supnick, Norman Levy, and Marsha Eisenberg helped to register 7 voters (including one felon) and collect 1 vote-by-mail request,  and 64 Medicaid petitions.  And yesterday, Lauren Tate, Debra Longberg, and Marsha Eisenberg joined me to collect 4 voter registration forms and 76 Medicaid  petitions.    	New volunteers are needed to come out and help with these efforts!  So don't hesitate.  Let us know when you can help out.    	On Saturdays, you can work with John Ziegler at the West Regional Library from 10 AM to 4 OM in three 2-hour shifts.  To volunteer for one of those shifts,  please contact John at 954-232-3918 or johnjoeziegler@aol.com.    	And on Monday and Wednesday, March 4th and 6th, I will be back at the West Regional Courthouse from 10 AM to 2 PM.  We can really use your help, so  please let me know when you can join me.    	Alan      

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