Come and Vote on Tuesday Night!

  	Hello, everybody!    	It was another good week at the West Regional Courthouse.  Along with our wonderful volunteers Lonnie Supnick, Beth Mumby, Marsha Eisenberg, Michael Goldfarb,  Lauren Tate, and Debra Longberg, we registered 13 voters (including 3 felons!) and collected 114 Medicaid Expansion petitions.    	We will be back at the Courthouse on Monday and Wednesday, March 11th & 13th, from 10 AM to 2 PM, and we can sure use your help.  Let me know.    	And for all members of the Plantation Democratic Club, Tuesday night starting at 7 PM, we will be electing  officers and Board members.  Come out and vote!  As always, we meet at the Deicke Auditorium, 5701 Cypress Road in Plantation.    	Alan