Now Here’s a Suggestion That You Almost Never Hear From Me

  	Good evening, everybody!    	Donald Trump wants to build a wall on our border with Mexico.  Congress disagrees and refuses to give him the money to build that wall.  So he exceeds his constitutional authority and declares a national emergency in order to try to redirect money designated for other projects to pay for that wall.  Then the House of Representatives passes a resolution disapproving of this attempt to divert funds.  And now, the Republican-controlled Senate has also voted  to overturn Trump's declaration of a national emergency, with 12 Republicans siding with Senate Democrats!    	I am so encouraged by the passage of this resolution, that I am going to suggest something I don't believe I have ever suggested before: Praise Marco Rubio!  Yes, I am going to call Marco Rubio's Office to thank him for his courageous vote and for putting the Constitution ahead of his allegiance to Donald Trump.  If enough people contact Rubio to thank him, maybe in future votes, he'll again put the country first.  Marco Rubio:  202-224-3041 (DC); 305-418-8553 (Miami)    	And if you live in any of the following states where a Republican Senator supported the resolution of disapproval, call up and give them a shout-out:  Kansas (Jerry Moran); Tennessee (Lamar Alexander); Missouri (Roy Blunt); Maine (Susan Collins); Utah (Mike Lee and Mitt Romney); Alaska (Lisa Murkowski);  Pennsylvania (Patrick Toomey); Ohio (Rob Portman); Kentucky (Rand Paul); and Mississippi (Roger Wicker).    	This has been another good week for voter registration and petition collection.  With the help of Lonnie Supnick, Marsha Eisenberg, Michael Goldfarb,  Lauren Tate, and Debra Longberg, we registered 7 voters (including 2 felons!) and collected 129 Medicaid Expension petitions.    	We will be out at the West Regional Courthouse again next Monday and Wednesday, March 18th and 20th, from 10 AM to 2 PM.  As always, we will have  our canopy to protect is from the sun, a table and chairs for people to use while registering, and all the voter registration and petition forms we need.  The only additional thing we need is for you to come out and join us (even for 2 hours).  Please let me know when you can help out!    	One last thing:  If you believe that arming teachers in Florida schools is a terrible idea, please sign the following petition (Thank you, Kathryn Reeve)  and forward the link to your contacts: