Video: Eric Swalwell Town Hall on Gun Violence

A day after announcing his Presidential campaign, Congressman Eric Swalwell was in Sunrise for an event billed as a Town Hall on gun violence, with participation from survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and their families and members of Moms Demand Action and allied groups prominent in the audience.

If that is an important issue for you — if you still remember the horror of realizing what happened in our community on Valentine’s Day 2018 — I recommend you watch the Facebook Live video replay I’ve embedded here (unfortunately, you’ll have to fast-forward through about 20 minutes of dead air in this version before the program starts).

Ending Gun Violence Town Hall with Eric Swalwell

Join presidential candidate Eric Swalwell and the Parkland community for a town hall to make gun deaths obsolete.

Posted by Eric Swalwell on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Whether you ultimately vote for Swalwell or someone else in the primaries, he is performing a valuable service by putting this issue front and center in his campaign.

I worried that the Town Hall event’s focus would slip from gun safety to campaign rally, but for the most part it stuck to gun violence prevention. There were a few questions from the audience that Swalwell responded to on other issues such as healthcare.

Parkland parent activist Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was among the mass shooting victims, is asking that we all make at least a small donation to help Swalwell clear the threshold of demonstrated popularity required to participate in the Democratic party debates that will start this summer.

Yes, it’s crazy how many people are running, making it tough to welcome one more person entering the race. I like several of the other candidates quite a lot and could happily vote for just about any of them, I think, if they should make it to the general election.

Personally, I was impressed with Swalwell and believe he is right both on gun violence and the anti-corruption agenda he has pursued with regard to the Trump Administration. He is considered a long-shot, but I would like to see him emerge as a contender.

Here’s Swalwell’s clip from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he made it official that he was running:

Author: David F. Carr

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