June 18 Special Election in Coral Springs, Endorsing Khurrum Wahid

There is a special election in Coral Springs on June 18 (no early voting) to fill a City Commission seat. Former Commissioner Dan Daley recently moved up to State Representative (filling the seat vacated when Jared Moskowitz took a position with the DeSantis administration).

The Sun-Sentinel has endorsed Khurrum Wahid, a local attorney with an ambitious agenda for the city. I agree. This is a personal endorsement, not necessarily the choice of the BlueBroward community. But I’ve spoken with Mr. Wahid, a local defense attorney, on several occasions and believe he would be a strong addition to the city’s leadership team. You can learn more about him at www.electwahid.com.

This is a non-partisan race, but I can tell you that Khurrum Wahid is an active Democrat. I believe there is at least one other Democrat in the race. There are also a couple of Republicans, who might otherwise be fine people, but in 2019 continuing to identify with the Republican party is a disqualifying characteristic in my book.

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster