Voter Registration is at the Top of Terri Rizzo’s List

    Hi, everybody!

    I attended Barbara Effman’s West Broward Democratic Club meeting last night.  Terri Rizzo, the dynamic Chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party shared her vision for the upcoming election and the future of the Democratic Party in Florida.  Terri spelled out the plans for the actions the Party is taking to make sure that Florida turns solidly blue in 2020, and at the top of her list was voter registration.  The fact is that if we can register enough Democrats (AND GET THEM TO VOTE), and if we compete everywhere in the State, Democratic candidates will be successful up and down the ticket.  And as we all know, Trump cannot be re-elected without winning Florida!

    Our County is crucial to this effort.  Just this week at the West Regional Courthouse, we registered 13 voters, and collected 6 requests to vote by mail and 100 medicaid expansion petitions.  Many thanks to Michael Goldfarb, Debra Longberg, Norman Levy, Carol Park, Lonnie Supnick, Marsha Eisenberg, and Laurie Stark for their enthusiastic assistance!

    How about joining us in this effort?

    John Ziegler and his team of volunteers will be back at the West Regional Library on Saturday, July 27th, from 10 AM until 6 PM.  If you would like to help do voter registration on Saturday during one of those shifts, please contact John at 954-232-3918 or

     I will be back at the West Regional Courthouse on Monday and Wednesday, July 29th and 31st from 10 AM until 2 PM.  We will be registering voters, allowing voters to sign up to vote by mail, and collecting petitions. As always, we will have our canopy to protect us from the sun and/or rain. I do need help at 10 and at 2 to set up and then take down the canopy. We will also have our table and chairs (and a little fan!) to make our outdoor office as comfortable as possible.  Please let me know when you can join me, and be sure to bring a cap and a bottle of water.  I will have all the forms we will need.

    It’s time for you to get involved!