Let Me Tell You About 2 Different Worlds (and When I’ll Be at the Courthouse Again)

    Good evening, friends!

    Let me tell you about two very different worlds.  First, there is the world where 20 candidates seeking to be the nominee of the Democratic Party, take part in a debate and manage (even with the unnecessary attacks on each other) to discuss some of the most important issues facing our country, including climate change, immigration, health care, the coming effect of AI and automation on job losses, education, and student debt.  Many of their proposals and suggestions were well thought out and worthy of consideration.  On the whole, it made me proud to be a Democrat!

    Then, there is the world where Donald Trump appears to be proud that he is acting like a racist, attacking American cities and telling American elected officials to go back to where they came from.  And, if you think that this is the worst that the President can be, then you have not read the following New York Times article, which points out that “This president is inhuman.  Something is missing.  In his boundless self-absorption, he is capable of anything.”    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/26/opinion/trump-nadia-murad-meeting.html   Read this, and you will see that Trump has no soul!

    We continue to do our part in attempting to register as many Democratic voters as possible.  At the West Regional Courthouse this week, I was joined by an incredible team of volunteers, including Michael Goldfarb, Laurie Stark, Penny Cukier, Carol Park, Debra Longberg, Lonnie Supnick, Marsha Eisenberg, Norman Levy, Lauren Tate, and Al Rodriguez, and the numbers reflect their assistance.  We registered 18 voters, including 1 Republican, 5 No Party Affiliations, and 12 Democrats!  We also collected 6 vote-by-mail requests and 132 medicaid expansion petitions!

    John Ziegler and his team of volunteers will be back at the West Regional Library on Saturday, August 3rd, and Saturday, August 10th, from 10 AM until 6 PM.  If you would like to help do voter registration on Saturday during one of those shifts, please contact John at 954-232-3918 or johnjoeziegler@aol.com.

     I WILL NOT BE AT THE COURTHOUSE NEXT WEEK (Please contact Area Leader Cheryl Levin 954-980-2334 or cjlevin@bellsouth.net if you would like to help with voter registration next week), but I will be back at the West Regional Courthouse on Monday and Wednesday, 12th and 14th, from 10 AM until 2 PM.  We will be registering voters, allowing voters to sign up to vote by mail, and collecting petitions. As always, we will have our canopy to protect us from the sun and/or rain. I do need help at 10 and at 2 to set up and then take down the canopy. We will also have our table and chairs (and a little fan!) to make our outdoor office as comfortable as possible.  Please let me know when you can join me, and be sure to bring a cap and a bottle of water.  I will have all the forms we will need.

    Just about 16 months until we vote Trump out!


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