October DEC Democratic Party Meeting Canceled

Message from the chair:

Hello Broward DEC Members and Elected Officials:

I want to make everyone aware of an urgent issue we are having with the annual renewal of our contract to use Deicke Auditorium as our meeting space.

We reserve our space on a yearly contract basis. The  2019 – 2020 contract year was set to start in October 2019. We have been informed that our regularly monthly fee will change from $20 per meeting to $450 per meeting for the main hall and $35 for the board room. This will mean our annual cost for our meeting space will be increased from $240 per year to $5820.00 per year. Obviously this is a major change in our pricing structure.  The Broward Democratic Party is not the only organization affected. The Plantation Democratic Club room rate is rising from $20 per meeting to $135 per meeting. I have also spoken with one non partisan group who is having similar problems. I have been told there are others. At no time were we presented with an affordable option. 

We are attempting to address the issue with the City of Plantation and have spoken with our City Council members. They have reached out to city staff on our behalf. I have written a letter to City Staff expressing my dismay at the change and offered a compromise solution. I also plan to attend the October 23rd city council meeting to speak on the issue. Although, we are willing to consider a raise in our rates, it is our contention that the charges are not reasonable and customary in comparison with neighboring cities. What is most concerning is that this came as a complete surprise and that the city did not give the stakeholders affected an opportunity to provide feedback on the changes prior to the official notice of renewal. 

As a result, we have decided to cancel our October meeting to give us time to find another location if we are unable to resolve the issue with the city.  We are also asking  – YOU – our Democratic Party leadership – to organize debate watch parties throughout the county on the evening of our meeting, Tuesday October 15th. We will make sure to advertise these events  on our mobilize feed, send you call lists for invites and share your events through our social media channels.

If you are interested in assisting in organizing a debate watch party please complete the volunteer sign up google form:


Let’s use this as an opportunity to reach out to new people and help them find out more about our work and how to help us win in 2020!

Thank you for your support. I will update you as soon as I have more information.

Democratically Yours, 

Cynthia Busch, Chair

Author: David F. Carr

BlueBroward webmaster