We Are Better Than This!

    Hi, everybody!

    When Elijah Cummings said “We are better than this”, he could have been speaking about so many things that have happened since Trump became President.  And now look what Trump has done to the Kurds.  We are better than this!

    At the Courthouse this week, we were able to collect 11 voter registration forms and 93 assault weapon ban petitions.  Many thanks to Norman Levy, Laurie Stark, Michael Goldfarb, and Beth Mumby for helping out!  BUT WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS TO COME OUT AND HELP!  There were times this week when I was alone, and the more volunteers that show up, the more forms we collect.  And now that the weather has started to cool down a bit, it is no longer unbearable out there.  So let us know when you can come out and help.

    You can get involved with voter registration on almost any day of the week:

    If you would like to help at the West Regional Library for a 2-hour shift on Saturdays, please contact John Ziegler at 954-232-3918 or johnjoeziegler@aol.com.

    I will be back at the West Regional Courthouse on Monday and Wednesday, October 21st and 23rd, from 10 AM until 2 PM.  Please let me know when you can join me.

    If you would like to help at the West Regional Courthouse on Thursdays, please text Lonnie Supnick at 954-895-3192 or email him at lonniesupnick@gmail.com.

    I just finished reading Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened.”  Towards the end, she talks about why it is unfair to blame both political parties for the hyperpolarization in our country:

    “There is a tendency when talking about polarization and the breakdown of democratic norms to wring our hands about ‘both sides,’ but the truth is this is not a symmetrical problem.  We should be clear about this:  The increasing radicalism and irresponsibility of the Republican Party, including decades of demeaning government, demonizing Democrats, and debasing norms, is what gave us Donald Trump.  Whether it was abusing the filibuster and stealing a Supreme Court seat, gerrymandering congressional districts to disenfranchise African Americans, or muzzling government climate scientists, Republicans have been undermining American democracy long before Trump made it to the Oval Office.”

     We need to fight as hard as we can to change this dynamic.  We need to do everything we can to elect Democrats all across this country.  And, of course, one of the best ways to do this is by registering as many voters as we can.  It’s time for you to help, so come on out and help turn Florida blue.



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