BlueBroward.org is organized around a series of communication tools, offered freely to all Democrats in the region. We ask volunteers to register here, creating sort of a political resume. We also publish a list of campaigns and and a BlueBroward Calendar that includes events submitted by campaigns, Democratic clubs, and other organizations friendly to the cause.

This Web site is an experiment in how to use the Internet to bring people together more effectively around Democratic campaigns. Although BlueBroward.org is not sponsored by the local party organization, the Broward County Democratic Executive Committee, the services we offer are offered freely to the DEC, local Democratic clubs, and individual campaigns, as well as other progressive groups in our area.

Think of us as being more like the publishers of a newspaper or newsletter that is friendly to the cause, even though it’s not owned by the party. The difference is that we’re publishing interactive tools, not news stories.

A Note on Profits and Privacy

This is not a for-profit enterprise. We haven’t organized formally as a nonprofit, but so far we’re funding this with a few out-of-pocket dollars and not asking anyone else for money. In other words, the Web site itself is a grass roots effort seeking to substitute labor and creativity for money. David does use BlueBroward.org as a work sample for some for his Web consulting business, but does not profit directly from this site. We have experimented with advertising to offset Web hosting expenses.

Even if we eventually discover we need more funding, we specifically promise not to sell the personal data you share with us or otherwise misuse it for commercial purposes.

We also promise to respect the boundaries you set on the information you share with us (the share it “Liberally” or “Cautiously” question on our sign-up form). The volunteers database is protected with the best Web site security we can devise (within the limits of volunteer labor).

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