Ethics and Objectivity

As the creator and editor of this website, I have committed to maintaining an objective and impartial editorial position, to the best of my ability, in offering event listings and campaign listings. This is intended to be a level playing field. The only bias is in favor of electing Democrats and building a stronger local organization.

This does not mean I do not have biases. I may become involved in specific campaigns, including rivalries between Democrats facing off in primaries or non-partisan races, either as a volunteer or as a non-profit consultant. Often, I refrain from expressing divisive opinions even in something like a blog post, but there may be times when I break that rule. Vigorous debate is supposed to be a good thing. And we do need to keep things interesting.

My pledge is to not let my personal feelings, biases, or for-hire consulting relationships interfere with offering equal access to BlueBroward as a community platform. If I present an argument in this blog, another member is welcome to post here offering the opposite position.

To be sure, I will encourage campaigns and causes that I support or may be actively working with to take maximum advantage of BlueBroward resources. However, other campaigns will have equal access to the tools BlueBroward offers for promoting campaigns, events, and positions.

If you feel that I am not living up to this promise, you are welcome to post your complaints here. Or write me at

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