2016 Voter Recommendations

Hi, for those of you who have been asking for my recommendations, this is the card we are handing out at the polls. It is the exact Democratic ticket with our judicial recommendations as well. Simply an FYI14725505_10210595092418755_6856427312371539164_n

August Election Recommendations

For those of you who have been asking me, here once again is my palm card, with just a few tweaks. Remember, these are just my personal recommendations for those of you who have been looking for advice based on research and personal knowledge.

U.S. SENATOR – Patrick Murphy
Congress District 23 – Debbie Wasserman Schultz
State Attorney – Mike Satz
Clerk of the Courts – Elizabeth McHugh
Sheriff – Scott J. Israel
Property Appraiser – Martin Kiar
Supervisor of Elections – David G. Brown
County Commission District 1 – Nan Rich
County Commission Distict 5 – Steven Geller
Judge Group 9 – Lea Krauss
Judge Group 15 – Abbe Rifkin
Judge Group 23 – David Salomon
Judge – Group 24 – Doreen Inkeles
Judge Group – Phyllis Pritcher
Judge group 3 – Rhoda Sokoloff
Judge group 7 — Brenda Di Ioia
Judge group 8 – Kathleen McCarthy
Judge group 13 – Betsy Benson
Judge group 14 – Kim Mollica
Judge group 21 – Deborah Toye
School Board – Robin Bartleman
School Board – Patti Good
School Board – Nathalie Lynch Walsh
House District 92 – Sajan Kurian
House District 93 – Ken Keechl
House District 94 – Richard Stark
Senate District 34 – Jim Waldman