Heckuva job guys!

Having lost the last few gubernatorial elections with two unknown nobodies and then the wife of one of those nobodies, all the big shots and know it alls figured the way to go was to nominate the father of our anti marriage equality constitutional amendment, a man who thought putting black men in chain gangs was a great 21st century solution to our social problems, a self described “Reagan conservative” who we’d all been working against in almost a half dozen state wide elections over the past 20 years.  You know, the guy they screwed over Kendrick Meek for.

After all, from the president to the crew of MSNBC to all the activists, we were assured that there was not one single credible Democrat available in the entire state to challenge the most unpopular governor in Florida history.  They moved heaven and earth to clear the field for good ole Charlie.

How’s this folks – – next time, why doesn’t the Democratic Party nominate a DEMOCRAT?

Of course, I’m sure all the smart guys will try to find another losing state wide Republican to nominate . .  . if they can find one who lost !

One dog and two kids

Remember when Rick Scott latched onto a dog as a campaign prop in 2010, in an effort to prove his humanity?

And, how we laughed when Rick Scott so quickly dumped the dog after the election?

Reagan, the now famous dog that once belonged to Gov. Rick Scott, was banished from the Governor’s Mansion after biting an employee who moved his water bowl.

“The governor and first lady love dogs, and they had to make a hard decision when it was clear that Reagan was very anxious around lots of different people,” Scott spokeswoman Melissa Sellers said.

The dog bite occurred while the governor was in Orlando on Jan. 7, 2011, just three days after Scott took office, according to an incident report released by Scott’s office late last week. Mansion grounds employee Jennifer Kinsey was arranging flowers in the mansion when Reagan bit her on the right hand, according to the incident report made by her supervisor for the Department of Management Services. The report noted that the injury was not serious and required no medical treatment.

Scott introduced the yellow Labrador to Facebook readers on Sept. 7, 2010, shortly after he won the Republican nomination and before his election in November 2010. Facebook friends chose the name Reagan from a list of three choices suggested by the campaign and applauded the candidate’s decision to adopt a rescue dog.

After the bite report, Sellers said, Scott flew Reagan back to Naples on his private jet and returned the dog to All Pets Grooming and Boarding, a Collier County groomer.


Does it make you wonder about Charlie Crist’s wife’s kids, the ones he latched onto before his senate race in 2010, as proof of something or other?

The ex-husband of former Florida first lady Carole Crist has been granted full custody of their two daughters, after alleging that she abandoned them and hasn’t returned messages in nearly two years.

“She’s completely abandoned them,” Todd Rome said of his former wife of 14 years in a brief telephone interview Friday.

He said Mrs. Crist, married for four years to former Gov. Charlie Crist, has not seen or spoken to her 14- and 16-year-old daughters since June 8, 2011, and that even simple tasks like getting her signature on documents have become a challenge.

Mrs. Crist and ex-husband Rome had joint custody until Feb. 1 when a family court judge in New York granted him temporary full custody. Rome said he may seek full custody permanently. . . .

Reached by phone as he was driving with his daughters, Rome said he has no explanation for why Mrs. Crist, 43, cut off contact with his daughters. He then passed the phone to his wife of four-plus years, Vanessa Rome.

“Anything that needs a co-parent signature becomes a complete ordeal, because she doesn’t answer,” Mrs. Rome said of Mrs. Crist. Mrs. Crist used to visit her daughters every other weekend in New York City.

Mrs. Rome said Mrs. Crist had no patience for the girls any time they complained about something.

“She doesn’t like to discuss anything or be called out, so if they say anything that rocks the boat she’ll say, ‘Okay, bye. I have to go,’ and hang up.”

The former governor has in the past spoken warmly of his stepdaughters — he called them “our children” in 2009 — but Mrs. Rome said “he wanted no part of them.” When in Florida during 2010, the girls constantly found themselves bored at political fundraising events with no one to talk to. Mr. Crist, she said, also had no tolerance for any hint of unpleasant teen behavior.

“He would say, ‘I’m not coming to dinner with you with that attitude,’ ” she said. “Often they were left alone in the hotel room to order room service.”


Which do you think plays worse with the public – – returning a dog you no longer have any use for?  Or, returning two kids?

Charlie Crist forgets again

Charlie Crist forgot what everyone else remembered:

Former Gov. Charlie Crist says he didn’t know an ex-GOP chair was taking a share of donations, but a lobbyist says Crist told him he was OK with the arrangement.
In a deposition released Thursday, Brian Ballard said Crist told him then-party chairman Jim Greer and executive director Delmar Johnson would take over state GOP fundraising and be compensated for taking on the extra role.
In his deposition, Crist said he knew Johnson was taking on fundraising responsibilities, but not Greer. Crist said the party chairman is always expected to raise money without receiving extra compensation.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/02/07/3222483/crist-i-didnt-know-about-greer.html#storylink=cpy

Of course, we’ll never know the truth:

Former Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer pleaded guilty to theft and money laundering charges Monday just before jury selection in his criminal trial was to begin.
Greer pleaded guilty to four counts of theft and a single count of money laundering for funneling money from the Republican Party of Florida to a company he set up with his right-hand man. He could be sentenced to a minimum of 3 1/2 years and a maximum of 35 years in prison at his March 27 sentencing.
The plea deal avoids would could have been an embarrassing trial for the state GOP. Some of Florida’s most powerful politicians were scheduled as witnesses, including former Gov. Charlie Crist, former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux, former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum and several state House and state Senate leaders.
“There were a number of people who did not want this trial to go forward and the trial isn’t going forward,” said Damon Chase, Greer’s attorney. “Once again, Jim Greer is falling on his sword for a lot of other folks.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/02/11/3228113/headaches-for-fla-gop-ahead-in.html#storylink=cpy

But, we do remember the relationship between Crist and corrupt felon Jim Greer:

Topics that were covered in pretrial depositions included allegations of prostitutes at a state GOP fundraiser in the Bahamas, lavish spending on fancy restaurants and luxury hotels by state party leaders, the drinking habits of Crist and party leaders stabbing each other in the back.
Greer, 50, was vice mayor of the small central Florida town of Oviedo when Crist surprisingly picked him to be the state party chairman after he led local efforts to help Crist get elected governor in 2006.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/02/11/3228113/headaches-for-fla-gop-ahead-in.html#storylink=cpy

I guess Crist will now forget he ever knew Jim Greer. 

Just like he now forgets his opposition to Obamacare.


Just like he now forgets his role in enshrining marriage discrimination in the state constitution.


Will Florida Democrats forget?


Charlie Crist and marriage equality

In 2006, Florida’s Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist signed a petition to enshrine a ban on gay marriage in Florida’s state constitution.


Thereafter, Florida’s Republican Governor Charlie Crist, as head of the state Republican Party, “helped fund [the campaign for a state] gay-marriage ban.”

“And,  he boasted about voting for it.  “I voted for it,” Crist told the Tampa Bay Times outside the polling place at the time. “It’s what I believe in.”


On 8/29/10, during his 2010 run for the U.S. Senate, self described “Reagan Republican” turned “Jeb Bush Republican” turned “Independent Conservative” Charlie Crist told CNN that he backed a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.


Within one day, Crist clarified “that the governor just meant an amendment to the Florida constitution.”


Now a Democrat, Crist “regrets signing a petition in 2006 calling for a gay marriage ban in the state constitution.”


Okay – – now Crist regrets signing the petition.  But, does he regret supporting the campaign?  funding the campaign?  voting to amend the constitution?  In fact, does he still support Florida’s ban on gay marriage?   

I guess it depends.

Charlie Crist and Obamacare (in case you’re wondering . . .)

During his 2010 run for the U.S. Senate, self described “Reagan Republican” turned “Jeb Bush Republican” turned “Independent Conservative” Charlie Crist, in response to the question “Health care bill, how would you have voted on that?” from Orlando TV station Central Florida News 13, stated, “I would have voted for it but I think it can be done better. I really do.”


Later that same day, Crist said, “Apparently, based on an interview this afternoon, there may be some confusion regarding my position on health care.  If I misspoke, I want to be abundantly clear: the health care bill was too big, too expensive, and expanded the role of government far too much.  Had I been in the United States Senate at the time, I would have voted against the bill because of unacceptable provisions like the cuts to the Medicare Advantage program.”


In the words of Alex Pareene in Salon, Crist “said that while the healthcare reform bill was flawed, he would’ve voted for it.  His campaign immediately issued a “clarification” explaining that he would not have voted for it.”


Typical Crist.

Please be honest about the choices for DEC chair

As of 12/8/12, out of a total of 1,145,856 registered voters in Broward, there are 597,460 registered Democrats, 52% of the total and more than all Republicans, all other parties and all independents combined.

On 11/6/12, 508,312 votes were cast for Obama / Biden, which was 67% of votes cast, a margin of 264,211 more than for Romney / Ryan, and which represents a staggering 85% positive turnout of registered Democrats.

See:  http://www.browardsoe.org/

There are hotheads calling for “regime change” with disproven false accusations of stolen party elections?  In fact, on this planet, there are actual corrupt dictators like Chavez and Putin who hold phony fixed elections who would be embarrassed to claim 67% margins or 85% GOTV success rates.  But in Broward, in 2012, the party actually in fact did it.

Putting aside all paid volunteers, all paid consultants, all paid mailers, all pictures with Caroline Kennedy, all infringement of OFA trademarks and copyrights, and all personal grievances, gripes, score settling, egos and ambitions, does anyone honestly believe that under any other DEC leadership the party will obtain larger margins or more successful GOTV?  You know you don’t.


I know everyone’s way too busy working on the circular firing squad (and much much too busy to spare one kind word for anyone they don’t support for DEC leadership), but there actually is a real world out there that real people care about.

It’s a world in which several MSNBC talking heads, the Obama White House  and most if not all of our state newspaper editorial boards seem to have already decided that Charlie Crist should be the next Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

That’s the same ambiguous Charlie Crist who went from “Reagan Republican” to “Jeb Bush Republican” to “Independent Conservative” to “Obama Democrat”, from arch conservative to liberal populist progressive, in 2 brief years, depending upon which way Crist blew  in the political winds.

It’s as if these folks never heard of Arlen Specter.

Anyway, just curious – – Crist is obviously going to run for governor in the Democratic primary with the support of the New York / D.C. folks.  What do the people here think?