“Resistance” Summer Training Schedule

The Broward Democratic party is organizing training on effective door-to-door campaigning and the use of the Voter Activation Network (VAN) software used to organize campaigns. This information is adapted from a handout distributed at the June meeting of the Broward Democratic Party. To register, contact the party office at (954) 423-2200 or info@browarddemocrats.org. Register to volunteer as part of #ResistanceSummer at browarddemocrats.org/resistance2017/

This training is a 3-part sequential series. Sign up for one each month.

Thursday July 6 Herb Skolnick Center, Pompano Canvassing 1 6-8 pm
Saturday July 8 Stirling Road library, Hollywood Canvassing 1 2-4 pm
Monday, July 10 Deicke Auditorium, Plantation Canvassing 1 6-8 pm
Wednesday, Aug. 2 Deicke Auditorium, Plantation Canvassing 2 6-8 pm
Thursday Aug. 3 Herb Skolnick Center, Pompano Canvassing 2 6-8 pm
 Saturday Aug. 5 Dania Library, Dania Beach Canvassing 2 1-3 pm
Wednesday Sept. 6 Herb Skolnick Center, Pompano Canvassing 3 6-8 pm
Friday, Sept. 8 Deicke Auditorium, Plantation Canvassing 3 6-8 pm
Saturday Sept. 9 Stirling Road Library, Hollywood Canvassing 3 3-5 pm

Voter Activation Network software training (pick one date)

Sunday, July 9 Pride Center, Wilton Manors VAN 2-4 pm
Thursday, Aug 3 Pride Center, Wilton Manors VAN 6-8 pm
Sunday, Sept. 10 Pride Center, Wilton Manors VAN 2-4 pm

An App for Activists from the Broward Democratic Party

Amplify for iPhone

The Broward Democrats are excited to announce a new tool to increase our collective impact. You can now access our team’s calls to action via
Amplify, a free app that makes it easy to act in concert with all of our members.

We all want to be in the habit of taking political action, but it’s hard to do that if it feels like we’re each acting alone. With Amplify, we can see that our fellow members are taking action as well, and cheer each other on. You can view scripts and call members of Congress right from the app, and it will be easy to find our calls to action whenever you have a few minutes.

To join our team on Amplify:

1. Install the app for iPhone or Android (getamplify.org/iphone or getamplify.org/android)

2. Sign up for a new account

3. Enter the Broward Democrats team code: 009-565-000

4. Take an action & cheer others on!

Note: We suggest putting Amplify on the first page of your home screen so you can access it easily.

Joe Biden’s Message of Optimism

As the headliner at last night’s Leadership Blue Gala in Hollywood, former Vice President Joe Biden articulated a refreshing, positive vision for getting the party and the nation back on track.

He said it was understandable for Democrats to be disoriented and discouraged following a November election that “churned up some of the ugliest realities that persist in our country.” But he added: “The state the nation is today will not be sustained by the American people. We are better than this.”

He argued we need to acknowledge that too many voters have been motivated by by fear — fear of the future of the economy, fear of immigrants and more generally of “the other, the outsider,” fear of American decline — which Democrats need to counter with a positive vision of overcoming the real problems and capturing the opportunities of the future. “We have to make it clear what we stand for,” he said.

The Miami Herald story captured a key point:

Biden implored the party to stop thinking it can’t appeal to Trump’s working-class base without spurning progressive values.

“We can’t get bogged down — and I hope I don’t offend anyone here — in this phony debate in the Democratic Party,” he said, likening the false choice to saving your soul by cutting out your heart. “There is no need to choose. They are not inconsistent.”

Working people elected him for decades, Biden noted. “They voted for a black man named Barack Obama!” But they fear losing jobs to automation, digitalization and globalization.

“We didn’t talk much to those people lately,” he said. “We have to let them know we understand their fears, their concerns and that we have some real answers.”

It was certainly possible to hear this as an election speech, given that Biden recently formed a PAC, American Possibilities.

As noted in The Hill:

“I have no intention of running for president but I’m a great respecter of fate,” Biden told NPR’s “Fresh Air.” “I don’t have any plans to do it, but I’m not promising I wouldn’t do it.”

One political consultant I ran into in the hallway characterized it as less a campaign speech and more of a “get your act together” speech.

No doubt Biden and his admirers have spent some time wondering whether the results have been different if he had been the candidate instead of Hillary, just as that debate continues among Bernie Sanders believers. Unless you have a time machine handy, I think that’s a useless argument (and if you know your time machine stories, you know changing one big thing in the past changes everything else in unpredictable ways).

Whether he ought to run in 2020 is a harder question. Given that he would be 77 to Trump’s 74, it might be better to make room for a fresher face on the Presidential debate stage. Maybe after electing a second Bush and being presented with Hillary Clinton as a proposed successor to Bill, Americans are getting tired of sequels. I’m not eager to see Hillary or Bernie run again, either.

On the other hand, Biden is one of the best people to elevate the quality of the debate and the tone of the Democratic message, either as a candidate (win or lose) or as an adviser and coach to other candidates.

Biden at the Florida Democratic Party dinner

Fear of the future is misplaced, given that America still attracts the world’s best talent (immigration!) and generates most of its technological innovation, Biden said. “We always have been a nation of optimism, and for good reason.” We may need to do a better job of adjusting to technological change and other changes, but we have the capacity to make the future work for us. First, we need to be confident rather than timid and fearful.

“We are so well positioned as a nation if we could just get out of our own way,” he said.

Indivisible Broward #Resist April events

c/o Joanne Goodwin, jgoodwinnbdc@gmail.com
Every Weds. 4 pm Rally to #resist Donald Trump and the Republican agenda  at the US Federal Courthouse, 299 E Broward Blvd
Bring a sign or we will provide you with a sign
Every Mon-Thurs 8am-12pm Help us register voters at the Broward County Courthouse To volunteer please contact Mary Manupella  630 303 2598
April 13th   1:30-3:30 Indivisible Broward #resist meeting at the Pride Center, 2040 N Dixie Hgwy, Wilton Manor, with Congressman Ted Deutch and Jeff Clements President of American Promise and co-founder of Free Speech for People ​
April 15th  9:30 am Show us your taxes rally The Trump Tower, 2711 S Ocean Dr. Hollywood  

​Register here: ​


​and 12 noon at Trump Plaza 525 S Flagler Dr. West Palm Beach ​
April 27th 10am  SE Florida Regional Climate Action Plan Open sension    North Regional/Broward College Library, 1100 Coconut Creek Blvd. 

Join your fellow Southeast Florida changemakers for our Regional Climate Action Plan Open Session. This session is open throughout the day, so drop by when you can for as long as you’d like to help shape and review the first draft of the RCAP 2.0, and to meet with other climate leaders and stakeholders in the region. 
PLEASE RSVP: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScoLjsbkoJ02oIJ87TVjX-c18o166Nlp3Wtyt9k4cQJeJQNDg/viewform?c=0&w=1

April 22nd 5PM    ​

Science March. April 22nd 5pm

Hyzengia Park 32 E Las Olas

​, Ft Lauderdale
April 29th 2pm-6pm ​People’s Climate March – Broward County, George English Park, 1101 Bayview Dr. Ft Lauderdale 
April 23rd. All Day Earth Day

Anne Kolb Nature Center. 751 Sheridan St., Hollywood, FL 

April 26th 7:30 PM Join the North Broward Democratic Club for their monthly meeting with guest speaker Stephen Bittel, Chair of the FDP,  Emma Lou Olson Center, 1801 NE 6th St. Pompano Beach ​

Joanne Goodwin, President
North Broward Democratic Club

Phone: cell 954 683 7789
         home 954 783 8232
“Never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it” 
Hillary Nov 2016

BlueBroward Reader: the Danger of Fascism, the Power of Protest

Some of the articles I found interesting this week (my comments in italics).

If We Don’t Act Now, Fascism Will Be on Our Doorstep, Says Yale Historian

Timothy Snyder warns: History gives us a bunch of cases where democratic republics became authoritarian regimes.


Protest Works

The Trump administration’s meltdown proves it.


People are in the streets protesting Donald Trump. But when does protest actually work?

Outlines lessons from successful nonviolent protests, which the author argues can be a very effective if done right


Do Political Protests Actually Change Anything?

Often, it takes the perspective of history to understand the real impact


IT’S CONTAGIOUS: A Harvard study identified the precise reason protests are an effective way to cause political change

The psychology of protest is most powerful for those who participate, getting them in the habit of being active and involved.


How to Get Your Club Listings on BlueBroward.org

I periodically get notes from club officers asking why their meetings are not included on the calendar. If that is the case, it is because no one from the club has taken responsibility for posting events and ensuring they are kept up to date. Or the contact person has changed and didn’t pass on or share that responsibility with anyone else.

The goal of this website is to share accurate information about where and when clubs meet, so people who want to connect with the Democratic cause can show up at the right place at the right time. I do not want to be publishing that a club typically meets on the first Tuesday at 7 pm at the local library when actually they have changed their meeting place and time.

If you want to use BlueBroward as a marketing tool for your club (which is kind of the point!), you will be much more likely to get people to attend if you post specific details about speakers or opportunities to engage with an issue or cause people care about.

Any BlueBroward.org member is welcome to post any (relevant) event to the calendar at any time. If you get the weekly Sunday “BlueBroward Calendar” newsletter, you should also have a password on the system. If you don’t remember it, try the password reset function or ask me for help.

The way I manage club event listings is with club templates, which define the boilerplate details of where and when a club meets. You can post other sorts of events not based on a template, but the templates help with regularly scheduled events and other events for which most of the details are usually the same.

You do not put specific meeting details, such as the names of speakers in the template, you put them in the individual event listings for a specific date that are based on the template. Think of it as the difference between the cookie cutter and the cookie. You can stamp out lots of cookies (event listings) based on the same cookie cutter (template) but decorate them all differently (with the names of speakers and other details).

Here is how that system works:

  • Minimum information required for a club template includes:
    • Name of the Club (title field for the post)
    • Body of the event listing, including the location and club contact info for those who have questions.
    • Regular schedule, such as first Tuesday at 7 pm (there is also a “Varies” option for organizations that do not have a consistent meeting schedule).
    • I can also help you assign one or more additional people who will have the authority to update the club template.
  • I can set up the club template for you initially, but after that I would like you to manage the template and your club’s own events. Write to me at david@bluebroward.org.
  • If no current club officer has access to the template, or if someone needs to be removed from the list, I can also help with that.
  • When you save the template, you are prompted to create events based on the template, scheduled out up to a year in advance. The dates are presented as a series of checkboxes. If you know the club will not be meeting on a specific date (maybe because of a holiday), you can uncheck that box or change the date.

    Checkboxes for adding events
  • If you update the template with new details such as meeting location or contact information, you can update all of the previously posted events with that new information.
  • You should receive periodic email updates from BlueBroward asking you to check that your event listings are current and update them when they are not (spam filters can interfere). You can also log into the website at any time to add speaker details.

See also: Adding One or Several Club Events. Plus: Adding Multiple Event Editors for Your Club

BlueBroward.org tops 20,000 daily views

The other day traffic to BlueBroward.org reached 21,741 views from nearly 16,000 unique visitors, according to WordPress.com metrics.


This appears to be an all-time high for the site, powered by views of posts about online strategies for campaigns and causes as well as calendar items and opinion posts from community members.

BlueBroward.org offers free organizing tools for Democrats in Broward, supported by a network of sponsors and donors.

Last Chance for Dems to Win Senate Race

Democrats have one last chance in this election cycle to limit the damage to the U.S. Senate, which can be kept to a 51-49 margin if Democrat Foster Campbell can win the runoff election in Louisiana. Although this is not a Florida race, Democrats throughout the nation have an opportunity to help by participating in virtual phone banks.

South Florida activist Bret Berlin, in an appearance at the Broward Democrats organizing meeting Saturday, explained that in addition to promoting the phone banking he is raising money to send our volunteers to Louisiana to help with canvassing and other GOTV efforts. If you can donate your time, your travel and lodging will be covered, he said. If you are interested in helping in any way, contact bret@jellydoughnut.com.

Positive Energy and Determination

While there has been plenty of discouraging news this week, the news from Broward Democrats has been very positive. Tuesday’s meeting of the county Democratic Executive Committee could have turned into a “bitch session” on what went wrong in the election, but instead we heard about many things that went right in Broward — and need to be replicated across the state.

Cynthia Bush, a grassroots activists who became de facto head of the local party during the time that Chairman Mitch Caesar was running for Clerk of the Court (and continued to head GOTV operations after he returned to his post), is likely to become chair in the upcoming Dec. 3 party organizational meeting where Caesar will not be seeking reelection. She explained how hard Broward Democrats pushed for an effective GOTV effort, often filling in crucial gaps like chasing down absentee ballots that the Clinton campaign and the state party weren’t focusing on.

Cynthia Bush speaks at the Broward DEC
Cynthia Bush speaks at the Broward DEC

As a result, Broward outperformed all expectations, both for Clinton and for Senate candidate Patrick Murphy. “That needs to be replicated if we’re going to win seats, if we’re going to hold seats in 2018,” she said. That means other counties around the state need to adopt the same, activist philosophy. In other words, because Democratic turnout operations were weak in other parts of the state, we were not successful in countering strong turnout for Trump in rural Florida or regions such as Tampa.

Broward needs to have its own organization and structures, informed by local knowledge, she said. “I don’t think we should ever be sitting back and waiting for a campaign to tell us what needs to be done.”

State Committeeman Ken Evans, who is running for reelection and pushing for new leadership at the state party level, gave a similar account at a brainstorming meeting he held on Thursday. The state party has been too narrowly focused on fundraising, and only fundraising to the exclusion of grassroots activism, he said. As chair of a committee dedicated to organizing clubs and caucuses, he found there was way too little focus on giving those organizations productive work to do, he said.

“We need to have operations that never stop,” he said.

With leaders like these, I am more optimistic that will become a reality.