Support Dan Gelber for Attorney General

Florida is facing serious challenges in the coming years:  cracking down on public corruption, ending the proliferation of pill mills, going after con artists who prey on seniors, putting criminals and street gangs behind bars, fighting mortgage fraud and taking on BP.  Florida’s next Attorney General will be responsible for all of these, and there is only one Democratic candidate with the broad legal experience to meet these challenges: Dan Gelber.

Dan was born into a family of public service – his father was a prosecutor and judge, and his mother was a public school teacher.  After graduating from law school, Dan followed the path of public service and was appointed one of the youngest Federal prosecutors in America.  He served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for nearly a decade and managed hundreds of attorneys in the Miami office while prosecuting thousands of cases – the only Democratic candidate with actual jury trial experience and management experience.

Later, Dan served as Chief Counsel in the U.S. Senate’s investigations committee, tracking down international terrorist networks all over the world.  He investigated the Oklahoma City bombing, the Atlanta Olympic bombing and the Japanese subway attacks, among other cases.

In the Legislature, Dan spent eight years in the Florida House, including a term as the House Democratic Leader where he fought for Democratic principles as one of the most effective Minority Leaders ever.  Shortly after 9/11, he was chosen by the Republican leadership to write most of Florida’s domestic security and terrorism laws.  He is currently a State Senator representing Miami-Dade and parts of Broward County.

Dan has been endorsed by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, incoming Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich, Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs, every Democratic State Attorney who has endorsed, the Broward Teachers Union and many others.

10 out of 10 newspapers statewide – a clean sweep – have endorsed Dan, saying:

  • “Sen. Dan Gelber…however, has stronger legal credentials and record of leadership” (Sun-Sentinel)
  • “[Gelber] is the most qualified Attorney General candidate in some time” (Pensacola News Journal)
  • “Gelber’s breadth of legal experience and superior leadership skills make him the better choice for the state’s top legal job” (St. Petersburg Times)
  • “We give Gelber an edge because of his extensive experience and leadership roles as a prosecutor and legislator” (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)
  • “Sen. Gelber looks more like Attorney General material than Sen. Aronberg” (Palm Beach Post)

The under-the-radar race for Attorney General is one of Florida’s most important, given the challenges we face.  Experience matters, and I strongly encourage you, as Broward activists, leaders and voters, to consider my good friend Dan Gelber as your choice for Florida’s next Attorney General.  Check out for more details.

The primary election is August 24th, and we need more than your vote – we need your help to canvass, make phone calls and help at Early Vote locations.  Contact me at for more details, and thanks for all that you do.

Franco Ripple, Vice President of Political Affairs, Broward Young Democrats