My Voting Recommendations

Early VotingĀ  is over and Election Day starts in less than 48 hours, so as a political activist and since I’m involved in eight campaigns, and I’ve gotten to meet many of the candidates in a lot of the races, I’m sharing my “palm card”…for anyone who cares, or hasn’t had time to meet or research the candidates.

Full Disclosure: while I only support candidates I believe in, I’m the campaign manager, consultant, advisor, web designer, event planner, etc. for the following seven candidates on the Primary ballot –

Attorney General – Dan Gelber
County Commission, District 8 – Angelo Castillo
Circuit Judge, Group 22 – Carlos Rebollo
Circuit Judge, Group 24 – Olga Levine
County Judge, Group 3 – Peter Barry Skolnik
County Judge, Group 14 – Mary Rudd Robinson
School Board, District 2 – Patti Good

I also encourage you to vote for:

Representative in Congress, District 17 – Scott Galvin
Governor – Alex Sink
County Commission, District 6 – Steven A. (Steve) Geller
Circuit Judge, Group 2 – Kenneth L. Gillespie
Circuit Judge, Group 4 – Elijah H. Williams
Circuit Judge, Group 9 – Jill Tamkin Rafilovich
Circuit Judge, Group 15 – Matthew Isaac Destry
Circuit Judge, Group 23 – Barbara Anne McCarthy
Circuit Judge, Group 47 – Lisa Porter
Circuit Judge, Group 51 – Sandra Perlman
Circuit Judge, Group 53 – Eileen M. O’Connor
County Judge, Group 4 – Lloyd Harris Golburgh
County Judge, Group 12 – John “Jay” Hurley
County Judge, Group 13 – Linda R. Pratt
County Judge, Group 20 – Kenneth “Ken” Gottlieb
County Judge, Group 26 – Nathaniel Adam “Nate” Klitsberg

Remember to vote on Tuesday, August 24th or be sure to get your absentee ballot delivered in time.