Just returned from 2 weeks in S.Carolina-Vietnam Veteran-Ken Howland

A resident of Hollywood since 2001 as a retired snowbird, I have vote here. I summer in upstate N.Y and signed on in June as soon as Bernie declared his candidacy in late May—$100/month—a retired history teacher and Vietnam era medic.

I had real estate size signs made in N.Y.—on top of the car—[VIETNAM VETERAN FOR]—[BERNIE] AND ON DOORS [BERNIE=MANIN STREET]—[HILARY= WALL STREET].

I returned to Fl from Rochester N.Y. by way of Iowa and put up signs in Des Moines after driving around the capital area returning to Hollywood just before Thanksgiving.

I made 2 trips to S. Carolina—returned from the 1st to participate in the Dr.Martin Luther Day Parade in Miami with 10 other Bernie supporter handing out cards.

Then back to S.Carolina visiting Charleston(Press coverage gained there),Columbia, Spartanburg, Rock Hill, Sumter, Florence and Orangeburg—2,000 cards handed out mostly at colleges.

Now I am ready to go to work in the Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale using a similiar game plan.

An Independent Progressive Democrat for Bernie— Ken Howland—315-430-4439