Elect New Broward DEC Leadership on Sunday – Let’s Move FORWARD!

The election of officers for the Broward Democratic Party is this Sunday, December 9th.  E-mails have been flying with supposed myths and facts, finger pointing, and accusations.  The tone we set does not need to be acrimonious.  We can build unity AND hold an election.  That said, it IS important to tell the truth.

Truth – Cynthia Busch is backed by activists.  Yes, among all of the amazing activists who are supporting her are several political consultants.  Are there no consultants or lobbyists supporting the current Chair?  For crying out loud, the current Chairman IS a lobbyist.  Trying to minimize the fact that that is his JOB is just silly.  The thing that is most refreshing is that Cynthia dares to name those consultants in her list of endorsements.  She puts it on the table.

After reading in one of the last e-mails that big bad lobbyists want to over-run the DEC, a question crossed my mind.  If Cynthia were a man, would this point ever have been made?  I don’t know, and I think that it is a question worth asking.  Why imply that Cynthia is not a person of her own mind and will?  Why imply that she is a frail victim or is somehow weak when everyone knows that she is not?

Miami-Dade DEC just elected their first woman Chair.  I think Broward would be well served by following in their footsteps.

Truth – Disagreement is healthy.  There is nothing divisive about disagreement; however, there IS something very unhealthy about trying to stifle disagreement.  Many have died to allow us the freedom to disagree.  Creative, fresh ideas come from disagreement.  Moving forward comes from disagreement.  It is a myth to think that disagreement will disappear in any organization.  It is dangerous to try to eliminate it.   Just watch the movie Lincolnto see how the 13th amendment was born out of intense disagreement.

Truth – Those who disagree do so to build a party of transparency and unity.   There is something demeaning and rather authoritarian in saying ‘divisiveness among the ranks is not acceptable’.  Those who disagree do not warrant the labels ‘divisive’ or ‘dissident’.  Those who disagree do so in a desire for change, just as Lincoln’s desire to abolish slavery had the highest intention of building a country that was fair, just, and unified.  Would you label Lincoln a dissident?  If so, I’m with him!

This Sunday, I invite you to support Cynthia Busch for Chairman of the Broward Democratic Party.  Give her four years to make a difference.  Support Rick Hoye as 1st Vice Chair.  I am inspired by their vision, energy, and dedication.  They desire to serve for all the right reasons.

Let’s move forward.  It is up to you!

Maggie Macaulay, President
Miramar Democratic Club