Make that phone call

Instead of a March or Rally, we need you to make phone calls. The vote is coming up in the Senate for the Healthcare bill ACA. Our Senator, Bill Nelson, is fighting hard for us. Call him to say thank you and most important CALL, TEXT, FAX the GOP Senators on this list even if they do not represent you. Their vote affects you.

 Please call even if you get a busy signal. That means it’s working – We want to jam up their switchboards with so many calls because it shows that the majority of Americans do not want TRUMPCARE.  WE WANT A VOICE.

 BROWARD DEMOCRATS HAVE A NEW TOOL AND EASY WAY TO MAKE THOSE CALLS – AMPLIFY, a free app that makes it easy to call with other members.

  • Install the app for iPhone or Android at or
  • Sign up for a new account
  • Enter the Broward Democrats team code 009-565=000
  • Or use the list of phone numbers on the bottom from Indivisible Miami.

 There is a National Impeachment March in Washington, DC and West Palm Beach July 2. We will keep you informed.


 Effect of Trumpcare on Florida
The AHCA would shift $7 billion in Medicaid costs to Florida over the coming decade. State lawmakers would inevitably have to choose between making massive cuts to education, transportation, or other areas of the budget OR cutting off residents from much-needed healthcare coverage. Who will be hit the hardest if Florida rations healthcare spending? Low-income children, mothers, seniors, and people with disabilities will be hit the hardest.

  • 2 million Floridians stand to lose coverage if this bill becomes law.
  • 1.4 million Floridians who currently get financial assistance to help pay for their health coverage will lose this help.
  • 7.8 million Floridians with pre-existing conditions like asthma, diabetes, and cancer could once again be denied affordable, comprehensive, life-saving coverage.
  • Florida lawmakers would have to scramble to come up with $2.8 billion annually in state funds for the high-risk pool.
  • The AARP analysis found an estimated 450,000 Floridians between 50 and 64 would face higher premiums under the AHCA—more than any other state.
  • More Florida healthcare stats can be found here.

What You Can Do!

It’s CRITICAL that you reach out to Marco Rubio every day until the vote. You can find contact info attached.

  • Call, email, fax, and Tweet@ your MoCs again and again.
  • Post a #SAVETHEACA message with a call to action everyday on Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat.
  • Visit your MoCs offices in person.

What to Say
The Senators must VOTE NO on any healthcare bill that—

  • Decreases the number of insured Americans.
  • Increases premiums to purchase healthcare.
  • Cuts or caps Medicaid.
  • Caps lifetime benefits or excludes people with preexisting conditions.
  • Increases costs for the elderly.
  • Defunds Planned Parenthood.


To Fax your MoCs by text message, use ResistBot. 
To start, just text resist to 504-09.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R):
Miami-Dade office: (305) 418-8553 / D.C. office: (202) 224-3041

Ansley Rhyne, Legislative Assistant

Ted Sacasa, Legislative Aide
eduardo_sacasa@rubio.senate.go v

Sen. Bill Nelson (D):
Miami-Dade office: 305-536-5999 / D.C office 202-224-5274

Corey Malmgren, Health Counsel

Capitol Switchboard to call all MoCs
House phone list
Senate phone list

Tweet and Call GOP Senators that will play an important role in this vote:
Senator Marco Rubio FL (202) 224-3041                    @marcorubio
Senator Shelley Moore Capito WV (202) 224-6472      @SenCapito
Senator Lisa Murkowski AK (202) 224-6665                @lisamurkowski
Senator Dean Heller NV (202) 224-6665                     @SenDeanHeller
Senator Dan Sullivan AK (202) 224-3004                    @SenDanSullivan
Senator Jeff Flake AZ (202) 224- 4521                       @JeffFlake
Senator Susan Collins ME (202) 224-2523                  @SenatorCollins
Senator Bill Cassidy LA (202) 224-5824                      @BillCassidy
Senator Bob Corker TN (202) 224-3344                     @SenBobCorker
Senator Rob Portman OH (202) 224- 3353                 @SenRobPortman
Senator Cory Gardner CO (202) 224-5941                 @SenCoryGardner
Senator Lindsey Graham SC (202) 224- 5972             @LindseyGrahamSC
Senator Tom Cotton AR (202) 224-2353                     @SenTomCotton
Senator Pat Toomey PA (202) 224- 4254                   @SenToomey
Senator Lamar Alexander TN (202) 224-4944             @SenAlexander

Yours in resistance,
Indivisible Miami



We marched in the rain down Las Olas Blvd. on a Saturday nite at 6 PM with a police escort. Over a dozen of Trump’s advisors including his personal attorney and son in law are involved in the investigation of Russian influence in our election. Why hasn’t Trump released his tax returns – What is he hiding? Why did he interfere in the investigation of Flynn and fire his FBI Director? We want the “TRUTH”

JOIN US SUNDAY, JUNE 11.  Watch for more email information from your club, caucus, or area leader


March for Truth


The March For Truth kicked off with a series of tweets on April 30th, just one month ago, calling for demonstrations on June 3rd to demand an end to the culture of deceit in Donald Trump’s White House and a complete investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and ties to the administration.

When we pushed the idea out, we were concerned that the Russia investigation was being stifled. The scandal over Devin Nunes’ handling of the House investigation and reports from journalists like Tim Mak that the Senate investigation had made little progress and was under resourced inspired us to try to draw attention to the Russia investigation.

Well, the following week Donald Trump fired James Comey. A special counsel was appointed. Sally Yates and James Clapper testified. John Brennan testified. And the compounding revelations in the press- including the most recent bombshells that Jared Kushner sought a backchannel to the Kremlin and had more undisclosed contacts with Russians during the Trump campaign and transition- are driving enormous public interest and outrage in this issue.

Soon, thanks to hundreds of independent local organizers and grassroots organizations, #MarchForTruth events popped up in more than 120 communities across the country and in sister cities in Europe.

That’s what drove interest from our national partner organizations, including Women’s March, Indivisible Guide,, Town Hall Project,, Free Speech For People, The Opposition, Rock the Vote, Progressive Democrats of America, Lawyers for Good Government, Swing Left, Working Families Party, Stand Up America, Rise to Run, Action Group Network, and flippable.

Now, we need your help. We need you to join us June 3rd. There are marches in most states across the country- you can find one here in the below link. And, share the word. Spread this link, and spread news of the March. Tell your friends, tell your groups, and help us make June 3rd a strong statement that Americans demand the truth.

The next few weeks are crucial. We must keep up the pressure on lawmakers to exercise their oversight over a President who seeks to obstruct an investigation that strikes at issues core to our sovereignty and the rule of law. As Representative Elijah E. Cummings put it last week, “This is about the fight for the soul of our democracy. We cannot afford to lose this one.”

Join us June 3rd!

March for Truth June 3rd demonstration protest trump russia politics #MarchForTruth MarchForTruth march russia

Motor Coach Transportation to “Tax Day” Demonstrations

We strongly urge people to take bus transportation to the demonstrations that will take place on April 15, Tax Day in front of Trump Tower, Hollywood, Fl, at 9:30 AM and in front of Trump Plaza, West Palm Beach at 12:00. Avoid the traffic, parking, driving hassle so that we can get as many demonstrators as possible. As you know Trump has not released his tax returns – THE ONLY PRESIDENT WHO HAS NOT DONE THIS. WHAT IS HE HIDING? 
 We encourage you to make signs
April 15 “Tax Day” Motor Coach Routes
Pompano Beach (E. Pat Larkins Community Center) to Hollywood
Route Link
Code: 9831f936421   8:45 AM to 12:35 PM     $19.53 to $14.47
Plantation, (West Regional Library), to Hollywood  
Route Link: 
Code 4dfeafd64e7   8:45 AM to 12:40 PM   $20.94 to $15.51
Coral Springs (NW. Regional Library) to Hollywood  
Route Link: 
Code 494d37f53a2   8:30 AM to 1 PM   $21.65 to 16.03
Hollywood, (2500 S. Ocean Dr). to West Palm Beach –
Route Link: 
Code cba4f299865       10:45 AM to 4:15 PM   $25.42 to $18.83
Town Center, Boca Raton to Trump Plaza, West Palm Beach
Route Link: 
Code:  ed4a65d90f9   11:00 AM to  3:45 PM
To make a reservation:
1. Go to Start and Join Bus Rides to Go Anywhere | Skedaddle at the top right CLICK ON SIGN UP Fill out the form or use Facebook
2. Go back to the home screen and you will see your name at the top right – Click on it and go to the drop down menu PROFILE and click on it. Fill in your information and credit card number.
3. Use the ROUTE LINK above to copy and paste in your browser. The code should be there with all the information on the route. Make your reservation. An email will be sent to confirm your reservation. Remember we need 40 passengers to make the route go live. When it goes live that is when your credit card will be charged.
4. If you have problems:  Customer Support email is and service phone number is 855-770-2670

Keep Up The Fantastic Work

You accomplished this by phoning, demonstrating, and meeting our elected officials. Now we have one more demonstration for #5 the impeachment or resignation of the
1.    First, we saved health care for 24 million Americans, when Republicans couldn’t unite behind health care repeal because constituent outrage was overwhelming. (But we have to stay vigilant, resisting all attempts to take away health care and holding elected officials who vote to repeal health care accountable.)”
2.    Then, white supremacist and Trump senior adviser Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council.
3   House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes was forced to recuse himself from Congress’ Russia probe—citing “left-wing activist groups” that filed ethics complaints against him.
4      We won enough support to fight Gorsuch via filibuster. As Indivisible writes, “A more acceptable moderate nominee could easily be confirmed. Invoking the nuclear option … is an abuse of power, and will forever change the Senate and country.
5      President Trump show us your taxes. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING? He is the only President that did not show his taxes. JOIN THE DEMONSTRATION APRIL 15 “TAX DAY” TO DEMAND THAT HE SHOW HIS TAXES.

Trump Is Not Uniting Us – The Call For Demonstrations

Donald Trump promised that he would act “Presidential” and unite all the people. He hasn’t done it. He continues to lie, bully, and behave like an egotistical jerk. For example when he hosted SNL it was a “great show” – when SNL makes fun of him, it was the “worst show” in history. He announced that he saved 1,100 jobs at Carrier and prevented them from moving their factory. “The greatest deal in history” according to Trump. The truth – he saved 800 jobs with Carrier getting over $7 Million in tax benefits and he went on Twitter to berate the Union President for saying the truth. Compare that to how many thousands of jobs President Obama saved with the bailout. Trump wanted to cancel a Boeing contract for two Presidential jets because it “cost 4 Billion”, The truth – According to Boeing, each plane cost $170 million. He’s not saving us money. This was a publicity stunt. There has been a rise in prejudice and discrimination that the ADL directly links to Trump’s behavior. Who could ever forget how Trump mimicked a disabled reporter and embraced anti-semitic groups and propaganda.

The First Demonstration – The Woman’s March – January 21, 2017

The first demonstration is scheduled for the day after Trump is sworn in as President. The major march is in Washington, DC. However, every city-area including South Florida will be demonstrating against Trump. Women as well as men are clearly angry over Trump’s treatment of women. During the campaign, Trump made disgusting comments about women who opposed him. Trump has made prejudicial comments about reporters who are physically disabled. He has called women ugly, fat, disgusting, made lewd remarks that treated woman like sex meat.

According to Stephanie Myers, one of the South Florida organizers, women are rallying “ …in solidarity with those marching in Washington DC. We will rally for the marginalized. We will rally to protect each other. We will rally so that humanity continues to move forward, always forward. Our message shall not be lost. Our entire nation will hear us.  Our message of bringing women of all religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and color together as one voice for women’s rights shall not be lost. Our message that we will stand together united to defend and protect all those who are being oppressed and marginalized shall not be lost.”

Demonstrations by Americans have led to the founding of our republic, civil rights, stopped the Vietnam War, led to labor unions, and women’s right to vote just to name a few. There may be more demonstrations when Trump’s picks have to be approved by the Senate. Demonstrations have to take place to show Trump that we are not united and do not like his picks and direction that he is taking. Groups that favor the environment or public education will demonstrate. The Woman’s March is only the first of many demonstrations to come.

Just take a look at Trump’s picks for government posts.
Secretary of the Interior who is a strident advocate for increased oil and gas drilling on federal land, off shore drilling and fracking. She favors lumber companies logging on public land – Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Head of Environment Protection Agency who is against climate change and in favor of “dirty” oil and coal energy sources and fought EPA standards – Scott Pruitt
Secretary of Education who is against public education and favors elitist charter schools – who never taught and has no administrative abilities -Betsey DesVos
Attorney General who is against the Voting Rights Act and wants to deny voting rights to minorities and is the Senate’s most extreme anti-immigration, anti-environment, anti-women, anti-veteran, anti-marijuana, anti-health care ideologue – Jeff Sessions
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who is against the Fair Housing Act and has no administrative or government background -Ben Carson
Treasury Secretary who is against the Dodd-Frank Act and became a millionaire off of the mortgage crisis and the thousands of people who lost their homes.
Commerce Secretary who is known as “King of Bankruptcy” Wilbur Ross
Secretary of Health & Human Services who opposed the Affordable Career Act (Obamacare) and is against Medicaid expansion and subsidies to help middle class buy health insurance – Tom Price
Secretary of Transportation made $1.2 million while overseeing Wells Fargo Bank that admitted to creating millions of fake accounts – Elaine Chao
Secretary of Labor who is against raising the minimum wage and favors robots over human labor – Andrew Puzdnor
National Security Advisor who has also spread false stories and re-tweeted anti-Semitic threats. He’s been criticized for dabbling in conspiracy theories and Islamophobia, for his questionable ties to foreign governments and wants to imprison Hillary Clinton – Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn

None of these picks appeal to the vast majority of Hillary voters or Independent voters. Trump claims that he won the popular vote. The truth – Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.7 Million. Trump cannot lie or bully his way out of the facts. The overwhelming voters of the U.S. do not like these picks and will demonstrate.

See you Saturday, January 21, 2017 from 1 PM to 5 PM at Bayfront Park Amphitheater, 301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida 33132. Please go on Facebook to Woman’s Rally in SoFl to register.

Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election

The Democrats won Coral Springs, But Lost the Election

 Lessons to be Learned

The Battle for Early Voting at Northwest Regional Library:
The NW Regional Library on University Drive had the most early voting of all the early voting sites. Most of the voters were from Coral Springs and Margate. According to the Supervisor of Elections web site, 34,508 voted at this site which was over 2,000 more than the closest site. 17,929 registered Democrats, 7,854 Republicans and 8,723 “other” independents voted here.

The Library became a battleground between Republicans and Democrats. The police were called to the Library almost every day and some days up to 4x in a day. From 7 AM to 7 PM for 2 weeks it was a “circus”. On some days there were as many as 5 official observers. The election workers did a fantastic job. Even though it was the most crowded, this site had the shortest wait time for the number of voters.
The Republicans targeted this site. No other site had as many Republicans or as many demonstrations as per emails from observers who went to other sites. Weeks before voting began, the Republicans were in the streets yelling and screaming at cars. Naturally they had their rally at Wings Plus on Sample. Coral Springs has always been a strong area for Republicans and “Right to Life” groups.
After all the yelling and screaming, what were the results? In Broward county, Democrats won 66.68% compared to the Republican 31.18% A glance at the voting locations such as precinct E27, “Cypress Run” showed that the Democrats won 63.34% compared to 33.65% The Democratic vote was actually higher than in Obama’s election. In other precincts the democrats won by even more.

Lesson 1
Republicans demonstrated on street corners such as University and Sample. They waved to cars – THEY DEVELOPED EXCITEMENT AROUND TRUMP. Our action, CONCENTRATED ON GOTV. And we did an excellent job of getting out the vote through phone banks and canvassing. The cooperation between FDP and the Hillary campaign was good. Lesson – YOU HAVE TO DO BOTH – GET OUT THE VOTE AND DEVELOP EXCITEMENT

Lesson 2
BE PREPARED: The Republicans did not have a voter guide-palm card. The first day of voting the lines extended past the legal limit from the polling entrance. One person was able to give each voter that wanted a “Voter Guide” The VOTER GUIDE WAS SO GOOD THAT THE REPUBLICANS COPIED IT. The second and third day they had paper copies and then had a printed version of a palm card. Our “Palm Card – Voters Guide” was much better than previous years, easier for voters and was used at the polls and also for canvasssing. However, THEY HAD LOTS OF SUPPLIES. Yard signs, bumper stickers, huge Trump signs, stickers. We had nothing – I had to take my own yard sign to wave at cars entering Library.
Lesson 3
AT EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS, HAVE OBSERVERS FROM DAY 1 – The best is to have voters complain or the head clerk of the precinct about the tactics of some Republicans – Screaming at voters, loud music, sound systems, vulgar signs and even hired minorities to campaign for $, trying to instigate a fight or threatening me There were also times that I asked Hillary demonstrators to leave. KNOW THE RULES We had a trump poll watcher with a Trump sign on his clipboard and shirt – not allowed. The police were there every day

As Cynthia Bush stated we have to have Get Out the Vote and PROTECT THE VOTE. We have to do better at Early Voting Sites where at least half of the votes in this election were cast. I don’t think that we did enough to protect the vote

Roy Trachtenberg
Democratic Committee Person E27 and
Executive Bd. Member of Coral Springs/Parkland Democratic Club