Stephen Korka for State Representative: District 98

My name is Stephen Korka, candidate for Florida State Representative: District 98. Get to know me and the solutions I look to provide for Florida in a new America.

My name is Stephen Korka and I am running for Florida State Representative: District 98. I have been a proud resident of various cities within and near the district for 30+ years. I have seen tremendous growth in our district both physically and socially.

I am running to be a state representative because I see a great opportunity where everyday people like myself are rising up to better serve the community. An opportunity where our voices are not only being heard, but leading the fight against establishment politics and fighting for a better tomorrow by doing the right thing. Our great state is facing too many important issues to not have the right people in place to do the right thing. We must as a state lead the way and set an example for the rest of the country through addressing planet sustainability, healthcare that works, true equality for all and immigration reform through a One World Initiative.

Unfortunately our nation is experiencing a divide in our government where both the Republican and Democratic party have lost sight of working together for the greater good. Instead they are more concerned with retaining their respective offices while being in a competition for power over the other. This is not the America I grew up knowing. This is not the America our parents and their parents all the way back to the founding fathers knew. This is a new America with a social divide amongst it’s people we have not seen since the Civil War. This new America we live in needs fresh representation that is not swayed by special interests. We need transparency, authenticity and people who will make hard decisions that benefit the people. I feel I am one of those people and I encourage you to learn more about who I am by visiting my website

Now running a successful campaign takes not just hard work and dedication from the candidate but from the people who believe in that candidate. I encourage anyone to reach out to me, gain that belief and join my cause to bring solutions to our new America. You can find me through my website , Facebook , InstagramTwitter or email me at

Thank you.

Author: Stephen Korka

Candidate for Florida's Congressional 23rd District. Find me on all popular social networks @stephenkorka or visit my website to see what I stand for.