The dark passageway

We flew in here blind and I don’t know if there is a pilot to get us out of this mess.

If we were inaugurating a normal right-wing Republican administration, our response would be obvious. We would congratulate the new President, cooperate on issues of agreement, push back where we disagreed, and build for a respectful and successful opposition in 4 or 8 years. This is what we do when the pendulum swings, as it always has, and Americans of different political positions put country above self.

This time is different

Donald Trump is a skillful liar who has shown no regard for the Constitution or the Office of President except as a means of ego gratification and personal enrichment. He has proposed violating the Constitution by revoking citizenship for flag burners, using torture, violating treaties, and enabling politicians to sue newspapers for writing hit pieces. Trump favors eminent domain to seize private property for private use. Trump is using the Presidential transition to strengthen his personal business relationship with foreign governments.

How we got here

Donald Trump skillfully gained votes by openly manipulating and lying on immigration, trade, jobs, and other subjects. Media calling out the torrent of unbelievable lies gave Trump more publicity, and some believed the lies. Trump voters may have seen Trump as the least bad candidate, others may have believed the hollow promise without a plan, to make America “Great Again,” and others may have believed Trump’s constant lies about his opponents and fake news by Macedonian youngsters and elsewhere. This is the reality of the election we just lost but is not the end of the story.

We cannot blame Trump for being Trump, we cannot blame Russian spies for doing what they did to expose Hillary’s secrets, and we cannot blame voters who did the best they could. Those were the circumstances of the election along with decades of stagnating wages, the decline of American civics, and addiction to “reality” TV and dancing with “stars” like Donald Trump. We Democrats failed to deal with those and other early warning signs.

By late 2015, Democrats were aware of the decline in the rust belt, Russian hacking in the election, and Trump’s stoking racist anger over a Black in the White House. A few Democrats sensed arrogance in the “inevitability” of Hillary’s election, but this did not figure in the thinking of those who get paid to win elections.

By August 12, 2016, the specific counties where job loss was connected to support for Trump were spelled out in detail in a 3-page spread starting on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (online the day before). The same day the Washington Post rushed to press with a more nuanced view of the geography of Trumpism and job loss and other variables. Either way, Hillary’s “firewall” was leaking like a sieve and this was public knowledge.

In the summer the end may already have come for Democrats by missing all the early warning signs, but October 7 was the day we fell off the cliff. That day we were emboldened by the Washington Post’s release of the video of Donald Trump’s 2005 lewd conversation about women. Party insiders were overconfident.  Ten days later, Democratic strategist James Carville said the Trump campaign had “died” and “Democrats have a chance to win the whole enchilada,” as part of an effort to shift funds to House and Senate candidates.

The same day Hillary’s campaign manager Robby Mook said, “Donald Trump is becoming more unhinged by the day, and that is increasing prospects for Democrats further down the ballot.” States to which campaign funds were redirected were ones with important Senate races, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire, five of which Democrats lost. Clinton appeared on October 3 before a crowd of 2,600 in Akron, Ohio, a state she lost by 8.1%, and she appeared on November 2 before a crowd of 10,000+ in Phoenix, Arizona, a state she lost by 3.5%.

We screwed up then and we have an even bigger problem now. To see how we can fix something when we knew or should have known it was broken in the first place, and we did not fix it then, makes me skeptical of easy solutions.

Going forward

Donald Trump may do some good. In an effort to create jobs, he could foster the repair of crumbling infrastructure. In an effort to reduce spending he could insist on higher participation by allies and reduce military empire building. When the new administration discovers that the job losses in the rust belt were due about 85% to automation and 15% to trade with China, they could modify their response. When they realize that more people have been leaving the U.S. for Mexico than the other way around, they may advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. When Trump voters realize in two years that there has been no effective progress in expanding jobs, the new administration may feel the pressure to steer a different course.

Normally when Trump or anyone does something good, common courtesy and trueness to our goals will be to applaud him when he does. But do not be manipulated by someone who grossly disrespects other human beings, does not respect or understand the Constitution, and is a chronic liar. There is a huge disconnect between what Donald Trump says one day and the next. Trump has shown repeatedly that he can change his mind on things. But this does not mean a change in position. When he softens a harsh posture such as on punishing women who have abortions, it should be no comfort. It may be a bargaining position or an attempt to distract us.

Do not listen only to Trump’s total self-contradictions. Listen to the practical inconsistencies. He did not like the War in Iraq (after he did like it) and he did not like results in Libya. So you think he would reduce the threat of war?

No. Trump would undermine NATO, allow more countries to have nuclear weapons, tear up the Iran deal making it more likely that Iran would reach nuclear strike capability, and acquiesce to Russian territorial expansion. None of these are stabilizing actions in a world on edge. Donald Trump, a New Yorker with experience living in the modern age said he had no problem with transgendered people using whichever bathroom in Trump Tower. But he selected Mike Pence for Vice President and Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, neither of whom is a friend of equal rights. So it is right to be skeptical if there is anything good that will come from a Trump Presidency.

The best good to come from a Trump Presidency

The best thing to come from a Trump administration is that he could get locked into a stalemate with the extreme right in Congress. Don’t count on it. There will be some showdowns, but the game of politics for most politicians is survival. Conservatives who think they can tame Trump are in for a bad surprise. Mr. Trump has been inclined to reward cowards and punish those who question his policy, in a surgically effective way, to amass political strength. As President he will have enormous power to use all the levers of the Executive with very little balance of powers.

The worst bad to come from a Trump Presidency

It took 52 days for the Democratically elected government of Germany to pass the Enabling Act of March 23, 1933, after the appointment as Chancellor of Adolph Hitler. The Enabling Act gave total and complete power of government to the Cabinet, in effect the Führer. We must be watchful of any efforts to reduce the power of Congress, including Trump’s desire for term limits. Anything to weaken Congress or the Supreme Court is bad. There is also the troubling area of emergency Presidential power which is not defined in the Constitution but may be necessary for national security, whether or not it is ratified after-the-fact by Congress or the Supreme Court. It is not inconceivable that, if there was another 9/11 attack, the presumptive President-Elect would suspend Civil Liberties.

American Apartheid?

It may be a mistake to focus on Donald Trump. We may have an even bigger and longer term challenge. Due to the Electoral College system and gerrymandering, there has been a deep division in the nation which has given more voting rights, more welfare, and less tax responsibility to Red states.

The U.S. Constitution gives 3 Electoral College votes to 240,809 registered Wyoming voters and 55 votes to 19,411,771 California voters. Constitutional apportionment for President is thus based on the whole number of Wyoming persons and about one fifth of the number of California persons. A California voter gets 23% of the vote of a Wyoming voter.

To make it worse, as pointed out by the New York Times’ Steven Johnson (“Why blue states are the real ‘Tea Party,’” December 3, 2016, New York Times), most of the states that voted for Hillary, “are paying the highest proportion of the country’s bills while ranking lowest in terms of voting power in the Electoral College.”

For example, Blue state New Jersey generated $12,564 in Federal revenue for $9,279 benefits; Red state Alaska generated $6,697 in Federal revenue for $14,375 benefits. Who are the Welfare Queens? The Red states.

Donald Trump got 63 million votes, so barely 19% of America’s 325 million people voted for him and 81% did not vote for him.

How 19% of a Democracy can rule the other 81% needs mathematical explanation. Many people who could have voted did not try to vote, others had been stripped of their constitutional rights due to past crimes which they had repaid, or they were wrongfully denied the right to vote because of flawed purges and draconian voter identification laws. Still others were children and alien residents. But that still means that 19% of Americans are ruling the other 81%, which, when broken out by region, shows the rulers pay less in taxes and get more in welfare in Red states.

In the darkest days of Apartheid in South African, the ratio of those who ruled to those were ruled was 20:80. That was unsustainable. The White Apartheid rulers realized the instability of such a small minority of people ruling such a large majority. Reforms were implemented but too late to stop the rising tide of civil disobedience. Apartheid took over four decades of determined work to abolish. But there was light at the end of the tunnel. Get ready for a long, dark passageway.

Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election

The Democrats won Coral Springs, But Lost the Election

 Lessons to be Learned

The Battle for Early Voting at Northwest Regional Library:
The NW Regional Library on University Drive had the most early voting of all the early voting sites. Most of the voters were from Coral Springs and Margate. According to the Supervisor of Elections web site, 34,508 voted at this site which was over 2,000 more than the closest site. 17,929 registered Democrats, 7,854 Republicans and 8,723 “other” independents voted here.

The Library became a battleground between Republicans and Democrats. The police were called to the Library almost every day and some days up to 4x in a day. From 7 AM to 7 PM for 2 weeks it was a “circus”. On some days there were as many as 5 official observers. The election workers did a fantastic job. Even though it was the most crowded, this site had the shortest wait time for the number of voters.
The Republicans targeted this site. No other site had as many Republicans or as many demonstrations as per emails from observers who went to other sites. Weeks before voting began, the Republicans were in the streets yelling and screaming at cars. Naturally they had their rally at Wings Plus on Sample. Coral Springs has always been a strong area for Republicans and “Right to Life” groups.
After all the yelling and screaming, what were the results? In Broward county, Democrats won 66.68% compared to the Republican 31.18% A glance at the voting locations such as precinct E27, “Cypress Run” showed that the Democrats won 63.34% compared to 33.65% The Democratic vote was actually higher than in Obama’s election. In other precincts the democrats won by even more.

Lesson 1
Republicans demonstrated on street corners such as University and Sample. They waved to cars – THEY DEVELOPED EXCITEMENT AROUND TRUMP. Our action, CONCENTRATED ON GOTV. And we did an excellent job of getting out the vote through phone banks and canvassing. The cooperation between FDP and the Hillary campaign was good. Lesson – YOU HAVE TO DO BOTH – GET OUT THE VOTE AND DEVELOP EXCITEMENT

Lesson 2
BE PREPARED: The Republicans did not have a voter guide-palm card. The first day of voting the lines extended past the legal limit from the polling entrance. One person was able to give each voter that wanted a “Voter Guide” The VOTER GUIDE WAS SO GOOD THAT THE REPUBLICANS COPIED IT. The second and third day they had paper copies and then had a printed version of a palm card. Our “Palm Card – Voters Guide” was much better than previous years, easier for voters and was used at the polls and also for canvasssing. However, THEY HAD LOTS OF SUPPLIES. Yard signs, bumper stickers, huge Trump signs, stickers. We had nothing – I had to take my own yard sign to wave at cars entering Library.
Lesson 3
AT EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS, HAVE OBSERVERS FROM DAY 1 – The best is to have voters complain or the head clerk of the precinct about the tactics of some Republicans – Screaming at voters, loud music, sound systems, vulgar signs and even hired minorities to campaign for $, trying to instigate a fight or threatening me There were also times that I asked Hillary demonstrators to leave. KNOW THE RULES We had a trump poll watcher with a Trump sign on his clipboard and shirt – not allowed. The police were there every day

As Cynthia Bush stated we have to have Get Out the Vote and PROTECT THE VOTE. We have to do better at Early Voting Sites where at least half of the votes in this election were cast. I don’t think that we did enough to protect the vote

Roy Trachtenberg
Democratic Committee Person E27 and
Executive Bd. Member of Coral Springs/Parkland Democratic Club

Join Us At The Pride Center This Saturday

This Saturday, November 5th 2016 The LGBT Alliance will be tabling at the PRIDE CENTER in Wilton Manors from 8am to 2pm

HRC Broward Will be one of our special Guests Along with Congressman  Ted Duetch

Image result


As we Promote Progressive Candidates and Civic Associations and events

Come meet our Local Candidates for office

It gets a huge crowd weather pending  

We will be here every first Saturday till after the November election

Voter Registration Push and Reasons to Vote No On Amendment 1

So, we really dodged a bullet with Matthew.  But it has put a dent in our voter registration efforts.  Remember all voter registration forms must be submitted to the Supervisor of Elections Office by Tuesday at 5 PM.

My wife and I have received our ballots by mail, and are using this time to complete them.  If you have received your ballots, and need any help with any of the races, just give me a call.  I will be voting NO on Constitutional Amendment No. 1, the Solar Energy Amendment, and YES on Constitutional Amendment No. 2, the Medical Marijuana Amendment.  (I have included at the end of this message the reasoning for my no vote on the Solar Energy Amendment. – Please share.)

I will be delivering our ballots in person to the Supervisor of Elections Office.  If you would like me to deliver yours as well, just give me a call and drop off your ballot(s).

John Ziegler has also organized shifts for voter registration at the West Regional Library on Saturday and Sunday.  If you can help out, please contact John at or 954-232-3918.

There will also be canvassing once again this coming Saturday and Sunday.  Let me know if you’d like to help.

There will be a MiniVan Training on Sunday October 9th, at 6:00PM and 7:00PM at the Broward Democratic Party Headquarters, 8320 West Sunrise Blvd, Suite 203, Plantation, FL 33322.  This will prepare you to use your smartphone to knock on Democratic doors in your neighborhood.  Please RSVP HERE!

On Monday, October 10th, from 6 to 7:30 PM, there will be a friend-raiser Rally for Hillary Clinton, sponsored by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Nan Rich, at Scuotto’s Pizza & Pasta, 3455 N. Hiatus Road (& Oakland Park), in Sunrise.  The chairs for this event are Steven Schultz, Caryn Grainer Dunn, and Elaine Geller.  Please RSVP to Caryn Grainer Dunn at 954-483-6372 or

Finally, save the date for the Plantation Democratic Club meeting which has been changed this month to Tuesday, October 25th.  We have very exciting news about that meeting.  We will be welcoming back to the Club our own Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz!  The meeting will start at 7 PM at the Deicke Auditorium.

It’s time to start getting out the vote.  Please help!


Vote No on Amendment 1 (Solar Energy proposal)

Here is my take on the Solar Amendment.  Please share with all people on your lists:

Proposed Constitutional Amendment 1 was put on the ballot, as Phil Busey has pointed out, “because the utility companies and right-wing political groups such as Ralph Reed’s Florida Faith and Freedom Coalition paid over $7 million to put it on the ballot.”  This amendment is designed to really “put one over” on unsuspecting voters by using deceptive language to make voters think it’s something it isn’t.  Called the “Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice ” Amendment, it is nothing of the sort.  While it gives consumers the right to own or lease solar equipment on their property, the real point of this amendment is contained in the last sentence which days that “consumers who do not choose to install solar are not required to subsidize the costs of backup power and electrical grid access to those who do.”  As I understand it, up until now, people generating more energy than they need with solar equipment, could sell the excess to the grid, meaning less revenue for the utility companies.  What the amendment will do to that kind of subsidy is unclear.

When the Florida Supreme Court barely approved the ballot language by a 4 to 3 vote, Justice Barbara Pariente wrote a very sharp dissent: “Let the pro-solar energy consumers beware.  Masquerading as a pro-solar energy initiative, this proposed constitutional amendment, supported by some of Florida’s major investor-owned electric utility companies, actually seeks to constitutionalize the status quo.  The ballot title is affirmatively misleading by its focus on ‘Solar Energy Choice”, when no real choice exists for those who favor expansion of solar energy.”  Pariente goes on to emphasize that the word “subsidize” is vague and open to wildly different interpretations.  She is suggesting that utility companies could use the amendment to block cheaper competitors, by claiming that they are insufficiently regulated or that they somehow impose a subsidy.

There is a rival proposal that is much better, sponsored by Floridians for Solar Choice.  That group said an amendment was, as a Sun-Sentinel Editorial put it, “necessary to allow solar firms and individuals with rooftop solar to provide alternatives to Florida’s big utilities, which have been using their economic and political clout to squelch competition.”  They were not, however, able to collect enough signatures to get that proposed amendment on the ballot.

So, in summary, vote NO on Amendment 1!

A Hillary Landslide The Only Cure For Trump’s Call To Arms

This is the electoral map I want to see on November 8, a decisive verdict that puts the outcome beyond all doubt.


This is the best of the best case scenarios for Democratic victory that political statistician Nate Silver outlined in a recent blog post (although he still also sees scenarios for a Trump victory).

The map doesn’t have to turn quite that blue for Hillary to win, but I’m starting to think it’s nearly the minimum result we have to hope for in the face of Trump’s appeal to “Second Amendment people” and his insistence that the only way he could not win is if the election is “rigged” against him. As cartoonish as this talk is, we can’t laugh it off.

Trump’s Second Amendment comment can be classified as a sort of terrorism, an invitation to any Trump enthusiast who believes “tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” with Hillary in the role of tyrant. All it takes is for one unstable person to hear that remark (retroactively labeled “sarcastic”) the wrong way. While some observers have noted Trump was also insulting responsible gun owners, the fringe element does exist. It includes people like Timothy McVeigh, who killed 168 people in the Oklahoma City bombing. He cited fighting for the rights of gun owners as one of his motivations owned a T-shirt with that Jefferson “tree of liberty quote” and imagery of dripping blood.

Meanwhile, the “rigged election” talk makes a Trump loss almost as scary as a Trump victory, partly because of the incitement to political violence that has been building for months. One reason the Republican #NeverTrump movement failed to stop Trump’s nomination is that people were terrified of the rioting that would result if his followers perceived the nomination had been stolen from him by party insiders. That day of reckoning may only have been delayed, not avoided.

The worst possible result might be a close result on November 8, something akin to the Florida recount disaster in 2000. Imagine the angry old white man reaction to having the Supreme Court hand the presidency to Hillary. I see gunfire and explosions. In fact, any result that comes down to close decisions in one or two states, any hint of voting irregularities (and there are always some) would have a scary aftermath.

No matter what the margin of victory, Trump is likely to claim he was robbed and happily whip his supporters into a dangerous frenzy. At this point, there are a whole lot of people (including the grown ups on the Republican side) wondering if he would rather lose and complain about it than win and have to do the hard work of being president. But theory of the accidental success, or Trump as the campaign equivalent of Springtime for Hitler (see below: “where did we go right?”), has been popular for most of the past year, and it didn’t stop him from winning beyond all expectations and pundit predictions throughout the primaries. He could still win (or come scary close to winning), despite himself.

I’m sorry to be so depressing, but my only point is that no matter how good the polls look for Hillary today, we won’t be able to relax until at least November 9. Let’s all do our part to make sure it’s not close, particularly not here in Florida.


Share Your Video Testimonial for Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton DNC July 2016

Can you give a passionate testimonial on behalf of Hillary Clinton? One that is about reasons to vote for her, rather than against Trump? And why victory in Florida is so important? If so, I would like to share a video of your testimonial on BlueBroward and help you share it on social media.

There are a few ways we can make that happen:

  • You record the video and share it via YouTube, Facebook, or a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. This can be a selfie video or one you have a friend or family record of you giving your pitch.
  • We can schedule a time to meet in an online video conference, which I will record and edit. I can interview you or coach you through it, if that helps.

You don’t necessarily have to say a lot — in fact, if I can edit it down to 30 seconds or a minute more people will probably watch. If a bunch of people do this, we can edit it down to a mix tape of the best clips.

Why Do This?

I want Hillary Clinton to win this election because I believe she is the only reasonable choice, even beyond party preference. On the other hand, I know others are more knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the reasons to support her than I am. The reasons to vote against Trump should be obvious, but the reasons to support Hillary are not as obvious to everyone. People who feel good about the person they are voting for will be a lot more motivated to vote.

You have the power to help make that happen.

Contact me at

Time To Be Excited, Determined (and a Little Freaked Out)

Our Democratic leaders gave us a lot to be proud of this week, in a parade of speakers that included Michelle Obama, President Obama, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and finally Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination. I hope everyone who watched on TV, let alone those who actually traveled to the convention came back inspired and determined to work for victory in November. Sadly, it’s not going to be as easy as we all think it ought to be.

Have you seen the last forecast of the probability of who will win the presidency from Fivethirtyeight?


Continue reading “Time To Be Excited, Determined (and a Little Freaked Out)”

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Made a Strong Impression in Miami


Hillary Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine made a strong impression in Miami on Saturday, not just on the crowd but also on the journalists covering the event:

Kaine brings down the house in Miami (Politico)

Holy Crap, Tim Kaine Just Killed It In His First Speech With Clinton (

Also from the Daily Kos:

Kaine Is Not “Safe” Pick – Hillary Is Going For A Rout Continue reading “Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Made a Strong Impression in Miami”

Help the 2016 Democratic Coordinated Campaign in Broward County

[Reposted – from a Broward Democratic Party email]

Broward Democrats,

As many of you know, the Coordinated Campaign has been doing a great job here in Broward building the groundwork for the 2016 election cycle. They have been reaching out to the community, hiring locally, and doing everything they can to ensure that our volunteers are well-trained and ready to get Democrats elected up and down the ballot in November.

I am especially proud of their commitment to finding talent in our community, and I want to thank the local Democratic Club and Democratic Caucus leadership for their help. I would like to especially thank Black Caucus President Corey Shearer and Hispanic Caucus President Daniel Mulieri who have been working with Broward Democratic Party Deputy Political Director and GOTV Coordinator David Metellus to take the lead on connecting their communities with the campaigns.

Now it’s our turn to contribute. Below are a few things that we can do to move the campaign forward. Whether it is connecting volunteers with the appropriate organizer, volunteering a few hours ourselves, or finding a supporter housing host, it is all of our responsibility to make sure that Broward is able to turn out the vote to win in November. As you can see from the schedule below, there are opportunities to get involved across the county. Take this opportunity to work to improve the Democratic community, and ensure that citizens are able to exercise their right to vote in your part of Broward.

Thank you all for making Broward a leader in Democratic Community Organizing!

Travis Perron

Executive Director – Broward Democratic Party



Supporter Housing

The Florida Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign is looking for people who have a spare bed or couch who could house a staffer/intern/volunteer on a short or long term basis. Helping with supporter housing is a great way to support our campaign to elect Hillary Clinton and Democrats down the ballot, as well as get to know a passionate person involved with our organization! Please fill out this short survey if you can help out! We are looking for short term hosts (2 weeks) and long term hosts (more than 2 weeks).


Weekend of Action

To mark the official end of the primary season the Coordinated Campaign will have a volunteer Weekend of Action to engage our rapidly growing base of volunteers here in Broward County. Below you can find the information for events near you and the contact information for your specific organizer.


Organizer: Monty Miller

Region: Plantation/Sunrise

Contact Info:

Weekend of Action Event Details- Sunday, June 19th


WHO: You

WHAT: Voter Registration

WHERE: West Regional Library, 8601 W Broward Blvd, Plantation, FL

WHEN: Shift Times are 10 AM, 12 PM 2 PM, and 4 PM


Organizer: William Sullivan

Region: Weston

Contact Info:

Weekend of Action Event Details- Saturday, June 18th


WHO: You

WHAT: House Party



Organizer: Irving Alejo

Region: Davie, Miramar, Pembroke Pines

Contact Info:

Weekend of Action Event Details- Saturday, June 18th


WHO: You

WHAT: Voter Registration

WHERE: South Regional Library, 7300 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL

WHEN: Shift Times are 10 AM, 1 PM



Organizer: Mikaela Rear

Region: Hollywood

Contact Info:

Weekend of Action Event Details- Saturday, June 18th


WHO: You

WHAT: Voter Registration

WHERE: 1221 S 21st Ave, Hollywood

WHEN: Shift Times are 9:30 AM, 1 PM


Organizer: Kate McClellan

Region: Pompano Beach, Coconut Creek

Contact Info:

Weekend of Action Event Details- Saturday, June 18th


WHO: You

WHAT: Voter Registration

WHERE: Emma Lou Olsen Center, 1801 NE 6th Street, Pompano Beach

WHEN: Shift Times are 10 AM, 12 PM and 2 PM



Organizer: Bob Sciranko

Region: Fort Lauderdale

Contact Info:

Weekend of Action Event Details- Saturday, June 18th


WHO: You

WHAT: Voter Registration

WHERE: Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride, 2266 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors

WHEN: Shift Times are 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM



Organizer: Jon Freeman

Region: Deerfield Beach and the Coast

Contact Info:

Weekend of Action Event Details- Saturday, June 18th


WHO: You

WHAT: Voter Registration

WHERE: Wilton Manors Stonewall Pride, 2266 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors

WHEN: Shift Times are 12 PM, 12 PM and 2 PM


Organizer: Jaquese Smith

Region: Tamrac/Margate/Lauderhill

Contact Info:

Weekend of Action Event Details- Saturday, June 18th


WHO: You

WHAT: Voter Registration

WHERE: Florida Juneteenth Festival @ Mills Pond Park, 2201 Northwest 9th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

WHEN: Shift Times are 12 PM and 3 PM


Organizer: Chris Hill

Region: Coral Springs/Parkland

Contact Info:

Weekend of Action Event Details- Saturday, June 18th


WHO: You

WHAT: Voter Registration

WHERE: Northwest Regional Library, 3151 N University Drive

WHEN: Shift Times are 10 AM, 12 PM and 2 PM