Broward Democratic Party Internship Program

My name is David Metellus and I am the Political Director/Organizing Director for the Broward Democratic Party. We are currently accepting applications for our 2018  Internship & Fellowship program. Our program is very immersive and substantive in its work and is a great opportunity for anyone looking to delve further into the work of political campaigns and running a political organization. The work is not clerical, it is not sales, and past interns have found the experience rewarding.  I have attached the announcement, a blurb, along with the application details
If this is something that interests you or anyone that you know, I would like the opportunity to discuss it with you further. Thanks!

The Broward Democratic Party is hiring a Political Assistant to provide research, special projects support, and staff resources assistance to the Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, and work closely with the Political Director. Interns will also assist and attend meetings, trainings, community events, fundraisers and other Party projects as needed. The Broward Democratic Party has devoted itself to giving leadership opportunities to men and women who are interested in the political process and willing to work hard. Internships are available at Party Headquarters located in Plantation, FL with frequent events around the county. Interns play an important role in the office by assisting with research and overall organizational development. 

David Metellus | Political Director | Broward Democratic Party
8320 W. Sunrise Blvd | Plantation, FL 33322
O: (954) 423-2200
e-mail: |



Positive Energy and Determination

While there has been plenty of discouraging news this week, the news from Broward Democrats has been very positive. Tuesday’s meeting of the county Democratic Executive Committee could have turned into a “bitch session” on what went wrong in the election, but instead we heard about many things that went right in Broward — and need to be replicated across the state.

Cynthia Bush, a grassroots activists who became de facto head of the local party during the time that Chairman Mitch Caesar was running for Clerk of the Court (and continued to head GOTV operations after he returned to his post), is likely to become chair in the upcoming Dec. 3 party organizational meeting where Caesar will not be seeking reelection. She explained how hard Broward Democrats pushed for an effective GOTV effort, often filling in crucial gaps like chasing down absentee ballots that the Clinton campaign and the state party weren’t focusing on.

Cynthia Bush speaks at the Broward DEC
Cynthia Bush speaks at the Broward DEC

As a result, Broward outperformed all expectations, both for Clinton and for Senate candidate Patrick Murphy. “That needs to be replicated if we’re going to win seats, if we’re going to hold seats in 2018,” she said. That means other counties around the state need to adopt the same, activist philosophy. In other words, because Democratic turnout operations were weak in other parts of the state, we were not successful in countering strong turnout for Trump in rural Florida or regions such as Tampa.

Broward needs to have its own organization and structures, informed by local knowledge, she said. “I don’t think we should ever be sitting back and waiting for a campaign to tell us what needs to be done.”

State Committeeman Ken Evans, who is running for reelection and pushing for new leadership at the state party level, gave a similar account at a brainstorming meeting he held on Thursday. The state party has been too narrowly focused on fundraising, and only fundraising to the exclusion of grassroots activism, he said. As chair of a committee dedicated to organizing clubs and caucuses, he found there was way too little focus on giving those organizations productive work to do, he said.

“We need to have operations that never stop,” he said.

With leaders like these, I am more optimistic that will become a reality.

Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election

The Democrats won Coral Springs, But Lost the Election

 Lessons to be Learned

The Battle for Early Voting at Northwest Regional Library:
The NW Regional Library on University Drive had the most early voting of all the early voting sites. Most of the voters were from Coral Springs and Margate. According to the Supervisor of Elections web site, 34,508 voted at this site which was over 2,000 more than the closest site. 17,929 registered Democrats, 7,854 Republicans and 8,723 “other” independents voted here.

The Library became a battleground between Republicans and Democrats. The police were called to the Library almost every day and some days up to 4x in a day. From 7 AM to 7 PM for 2 weeks it was a “circus”. On some days there were as many as 5 official observers. The election workers did a fantastic job. Even though it was the most crowded, this site had the shortest wait time for the number of voters.
The Republicans targeted this site. No other site had as many Republicans or as many demonstrations as per emails from observers who went to other sites. Weeks before voting began, the Republicans were in the streets yelling and screaming at cars. Naturally they had their rally at Wings Plus on Sample. Coral Springs has always been a strong area for Republicans and “Right to Life” groups.
After all the yelling and screaming, what were the results? In Broward county, Democrats won 66.68% compared to the Republican 31.18% A glance at the voting locations such as precinct E27, “Cypress Run” showed that the Democrats won 63.34% compared to 33.65% The Democratic vote was actually higher than in Obama’s election. In other precincts the democrats won by even more.

Lesson 1
Republicans demonstrated on street corners such as University and Sample. They waved to cars – THEY DEVELOPED EXCITEMENT AROUND TRUMP. Our action, CONCENTRATED ON GOTV. And we did an excellent job of getting out the vote through phone banks and canvassing. The cooperation between FDP and the Hillary campaign was good. Lesson – YOU HAVE TO DO BOTH – GET OUT THE VOTE AND DEVELOP EXCITEMENT

Lesson 2
BE PREPARED: The Republicans did not have a voter guide-palm card. The first day of voting the lines extended past the legal limit from the polling entrance. One person was able to give each voter that wanted a “Voter Guide” The VOTER GUIDE WAS SO GOOD THAT THE REPUBLICANS COPIED IT. The second and third day they had paper copies and then had a printed version of a palm card. Our “Palm Card – Voters Guide” was much better than previous years, easier for voters and was used at the polls and also for canvasssing. However, THEY HAD LOTS OF SUPPLIES. Yard signs, bumper stickers, huge Trump signs, stickers. We had nothing – I had to take my own yard sign to wave at cars entering Library.
Lesson 3
AT EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS, HAVE OBSERVERS FROM DAY 1 – The best is to have voters complain or the head clerk of the precinct about the tactics of some Republicans – Screaming at voters, loud music, sound systems, vulgar signs and even hired minorities to campaign for $, trying to instigate a fight or threatening me There were also times that I asked Hillary demonstrators to leave. KNOW THE RULES We had a trump poll watcher with a Trump sign on his clipboard and shirt – not allowed. The police were there every day

As Cynthia Bush stated we have to have Get Out the Vote and PROTECT THE VOTE. We have to do better at Early Voting Sites where at least half of the votes in this election were cast. I don’t think that we did enough to protect the vote

Roy Trachtenberg
Democratic Committee Person E27 and
Executive Bd. Member of Coral Springs/Parkland Democratic Club

Just returned from 2 weeks in S.Carolina-Vietnam Veteran-Ken Howland

A resident of Hollywood since 2001 as a retired snowbird, I have vote here. I summer in upstate N.Y and signed on in June as soon as Bernie declared his candidacy in late May—$100/month—a retired history teacher and Vietnam era medic.

I had real estate size signs made in N.Y.—on top of the car—[VIETNAM VETERAN FOR]—[BERNIE] AND ON DOORS [BERNIE=MANIN STREET]—[HILARY= WALL STREET].

I returned to Fl from Rochester N.Y. by way of Iowa and put up signs in Des Moines after driving around the capital area returning to Hollywood just before Thanksgiving.

I made 2 trips to S. Carolina—returned from the 1st to participate in the Dr.Martin Luther Day Parade in Miami with 10 other Bernie supporter handing out cards.

Then back to S.Carolina visiting Charleston(Press coverage gained there),Columbia, Spartanburg, Rock Hill, Sumter, Florence and Orangeburg—2,000 cards handed out mostly at colleges.

Now I am ready to go to work in the Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale using a similiar game plan.

An Independent Progressive Democrat for Bernie— Ken Howland—315-430-4439

Post-Election Analysis by Phil Busey

Besides being a great volunteer and organizer, Phil Busey is a diligent analyst of election data. Here’s what he sent out to his email list (re-posted by permission)

What happened in last week’s election

Below are major points from my analysis and interpretation of the 11/4/2014 General Election in Broward County as to the Governor’s election.  There were other interesting races on the ballot that I have not covered.  Please be aware of cautionary statements in the full report.  Also, there remains a discrepancy in the reported vote counts between the Florida Division of Elections and the Broward County Supervisor of Elections. The SOE has been contacted but has not responded.

If you received earlier drafts of my full report, it has been updated here and earlier versions should be ignored.  The full report is here:

Not included in the report is some modeling that I performed (which will be continued when full voter histories are available) showing that the best model for voting is that “Independent” (no party affiliation and minor party) voters voted for Charlie Crist 69% of time, voted for minor party candidates 8% of the time, and voted for Republicans 23% of the time. Republicans and Democrats voted for the candidate of their own party almost exclusively, however about 5% of Republicans appeared to have voted for a minor party candidate, based on the least chi-squares model.

  1. In 2014, Democratic nominee for Governor lost to Republican incumbent Rick Scott by 64, 267 votes.
  2. Broward County votes for Charlie Crist were 318,903  a margin of 180,524 over Rick Scott, but not enough to negate large Rick Scott margins across Florida particularly in Lee and Collier Counties.
  3. Broward turnout of “active” voters was 44.47% (all parties), within historical norms since 2002. Broward turnout rose from being second worst in the state in 2010 to sixth worst in 2014.
  4. Broward margin for Charlie Crist was substantially larger than other Gubernatorial elections since 2002.  Going along with increasing Democratic margins in Broward there has been a trend of shrinking margins at the state level for Republican candidates, however that is obscured by various factors such as the incumbency effect.
  5. There was an 17.4% increase or 47,297 more votes (47,257 based on SOE data) in Broward votes for Democrat Charlie Crist compared with Alex Sink in 2010. Of this, 12,822 or 27.1% of the increase was due to three cities, Lauderhill, Miramar, and Hollywood. The largest increases as a ratio of 2010 for incorporated areas were Lauderhill, 45.4% and Dania Beach, 36.9%. Of the 49,363 increased Broward margin (49,367 by SOE data) of Charlie Crist over Rick Scott, compared with Alex Sink over Rick Scott, Lauderhill, Miramar, and Hollywood again explained, in the same order, most of the positive performance, 12,378 votes or 25.1% of the County.
  6. Oakland Park and Wilton Manors, which were ranked in fourth and fifth place, respectively, in increase in Democratic margins, also were ranked in first and second place in return rate of absentee ballots (including absentee ballot requesters who voted early).



Phil Busey, Area 6 Leader, Broward Democratic Party
Cooper City, Davie, Southwest Ranches, Weston
837 SW 120th Way, Davie, FL  33325

Ed Schultz to headline at Broward Democrats 2014 Unity Dinner

Nice win for Broward Democrats, just in from the DEC:

Broward County Democrats are proud to announce the “arrival” of Ed Schultz as the keynote speaker for their 2014 Unity Dinner. Schultz, host of the popular “The Ed Show” on MSNBC has long been a voice for working families. “We as a nation are fortunate to have such a great advocate for the middle class and common sense,” said Democratic Chairman Mitch Ceasar.

Ed is also the host of his daily national radio show on SIRUS radio. The dinner will occur on Saturday evening,March 15, 2014. For further information please contact Chairman Mitch Ceasar at 954-475-2500

Broward Party Chair Mitch Caesar Joined By New Leaders

Congratulations to the new leadership team for the Broward Democratic Party. After a spirited contest for the loyalties of precinct committee representatives, Chairman Mitch Caesar won reelection by more than a 100-vote margin. At the same time, those who have been arguing that the party needs to be better aligned with volunteer organizers and make better use of digital campaign tools achieved significant representation on the management team.

My hope is that this will be a true team, allowing Mitch to do the things he does best while taking advantage of the strengths others bring to the table. If the result is more effective organizing and GOTV for 2014, we all will have won.

Here is the new lineup (contact info here)

County Chair & National Committeeman
Mitch Ceasar

State Committeewoman
Maggie Davidson

State Committeeman
Ken Evans

First Vice-Chair
Cynthia Busch

Second Vice-Chair
Betty Dimaio

Recording Secretary
Tim Ross

Corresponding Secretary
Darren Covar

Diana Pittarelli


Cynthia Busch is perfect for Democratic Party Chair

Cynthia Busch is who we need as Chair of the Broward Democratic Party. I am supporting Cynthia and you should too.

The Broward Democratic Party (the Democratic Executive Committee or DEC) election is December 9, 2012.

Cynthia Busch, Democratic Area Leader of Plantation, leads highly effective Democratic voter registration, get-out-the-vote, phonebanking, petition gathering, and volunteer training, election work. Cynthia Busch embedded herself and worked day and night, elbow-to-elbow, with volunteers and Organizing for America (OFA) staff, to elect President Barack Obama in 2008, and reelect the President in 2012.

Cynthia Busch has been successful in electing Mayors and other local Democratic officials. Cynthia’s hands-on and steady guidance focuses on results. Any election day, if you want to know where Cynthia is, she’s at the polls or more likely canvassing. Any election, she has been working door-to-door with volunteers, and at phone banks for months beforehand.

Cynthia Busch surrounds herself with highly qualified, hard-working people such as Alan Ehrlich, Rick Hoye, and many others. She leads by example and by delegation. Today’s resurgent Democratic grassroots activism springs from Cynthia’s volunteer work as a DEC Committeewoman and Area Leader of Plantation, and has reached across much of Broward County. This grassroots activism should become the renewed Broward Democratic Party, to strengthen Broward’s Democratic vote turnout, to elect a Democratic governor in 2012, and to increase the Democratic ratio in the legislature.

Cynthia Busch’s plan for strengthening the Broward Democratic party includes bringing the Party into the 21st century in technology while making human contact and interaction the heart and soul, restoring committees, earning the trust to win the vote, raising funds to open an office that will be utilized to elect Democrats, empowering leaders who reflect our community, responding positively to new ideas and concerns, and never having conflicts, special interests, or goals other than to the Democratic Party and to the election of Democrats.

Cynthia is supported in her Democratic volunteer work by her husband Steve Busch who is an inventor, stock broker, and small businessman. They have two young daughters. Cynthia is not a lobbyist and does not do paid campaign work. She is a delight to work with and is perfect for Chair of the Broward Democratic Party.

Cynthia has my vote and I ask you to vote for her.

Phil, 954-579-3932
Broward Democratic Committeeman, precinct T027
837 SW 120th Way, Davie, FL 33325

Elect New Broward DEC Leadership on Sunday – Let’s Move FORWARD!

The election of officers for the Broward Democratic Party is this Sunday, December 9th.  E-mails have been flying with supposed myths and facts, finger pointing, and accusations.  The tone we set does not need to be acrimonious.  We can build unity AND hold an election.  That said, it IS important to tell the truth.

Truth – Cynthia Busch is backed by activists.  Yes, among all of the amazing activists who are supporting her are several political consultants.  Are there no consultants or lobbyists supporting the current Chair?  For crying out loud, the current Chairman IS a lobbyist.  Trying to minimize the fact that that is his JOB is just silly.  The thing that is most refreshing is that Cynthia dares to name those consultants in her list of endorsements.  She puts it on the table.

After reading in one of the last e-mails that big bad lobbyists want to over-run the DEC, a question crossed my mind.  If Cynthia were a man, would this point ever have been made?  I don’t know, and I think that it is a question worth asking.  Why imply that Cynthia is not a person of her own mind and will?  Why imply that she is a frail victim or is somehow weak when everyone knows that she is not?

Miami-Dade DEC just elected their first woman Chair.  I think Broward would be well served by following in their footsteps.

Truth – Disagreement is healthy.  There is nothing divisive about disagreement; however, there IS something very unhealthy about trying to stifle disagreement.  Many have died to allow us the freedom to disagree.  Creative, fresh ideas come from disagreement.  Moving forward comes from disagreement.  It is a myth to think that disagreement will disappear in any organization.  It is dangerous to try to eliminate it.   Just watch the movie Lincolnto see how the 13th amendment was born out of intense disagreement.

Truth – Those who disagree do so to build a party of transparency and unity.   There is something demeaning and rather authoritarian in saying ‘divisiveness among the ranks is not acceptable’.  Those who disagree do not warrant the labels ‘divisive’ or ‘dissident’.  Those who disagree do so in a desire for change, just as Lincoln’s desire to abolish slavery had the highest intention of building a country that was fair, just, and unified.  Would you label Lincoln a dissident?  If so, I’m with him!

This Sunday, I invite you to support Cynthia Busch for Chairman of the Broward Democratic Party.  Give her four years to make a difference.  Support Rick Hoye as 1st Vice Chair.  I am inspired by their vision, energy, and dedication.  They desire to serve for all the right reasons.

Let’s move forward.  It is up to you!

Maggie Macaulay, President
Miramar Democratic Club

It’s Time for a Change!

Why I am supporting Cynthia Busch for Chair of the Broward Democratic Party:

When Barack Obama was running for President in 2007, and people wondered whether he had a prayer of winning, he came up with a three word phrase that summed up what is possible in America:


Cynthia Busch is asking for your vote to be Chair of the Management Committee and lead the Broward County Democratic Party into the 21st Century.


I have worked with Cynthia in Democratic politics for over ten years, and she has never stopped impressing me with how hard-working and organized she is. First she joined the Plantation Democratic Club. The she became the precinct woman in her community. Then she was elected as the Democratic Party’s Area Leader for Plantation. Now she is Vice-President of the Plantation Democratic Club, as well as one of the primary organizers of Awake Broward. And she was a SUPER VOLUNTEER with President Obama’s election and re-election campaigns. And during all of these years, while fulfilling the responsibilities of these positions, she also found the time for the kind of grassroots activities that can serve as a model for Democratic groups anywhere. If there were voters that had to be registered, if there were volunteers that had to be signed up, if there were Democratic voters that had to be called, if there were petitions that had to be collected, if there were Democratic candidates to be campaigned for, if there were neighborhood teams that had to be organized, and if there were doors that had to be knocked on to GET OUT THE VOTE, Cynthia took on these tasks with energy and dedication to the Democratic Cause. Early on, I concluded that she never slept…. And did I mention that she has a husband and two beautiful daughters?


Cynthia wants to bring people together to help build a modern, organized, and transparent Democratic Party. She will strengthen, expand, and enhance Democratic Clubs. She will make more efficient use of our website, emails, and mailers. She will rebuild the trust necessary to raise funds to build and maintain a 21st century political party. She will staff a Democratic Party office that will bring together eager and hardworking volunteers, that will be open and available at convenient times, and that will help to support and elect Democratic candidates all across Broward county. She has no conflict of interests which would get in the way of the Democratic agenda. And she will be open and completely accessible to the ideas and concerns of others, recruiting and empowering community leaders to be part of the decision-making process, and making human contact the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.


As Rick Hoye, President of the Broward young Democrats, has so eloquently written: The Democratic Party has to do a much better job of reaching out to young people, minorities, and other demographic groups. We need leadership that fosters grassroots efforts and motivates activists to go the extra mile and understands the importance of delegating and holding others accountable with clearly defined duties. And as David Carr, creator of BlueBroward, says: Cynthia has near-universal support from the volunteers who did the grunt work of registering voters and getting out the vote. They know her as a leader because the has been doing that work side-by-side with them. She never lets her ego or sense of self-importance get in the way of the job that has to be done for the Party.


Cynthia is fond of repeating President Obama’s refrain that “Change is hard.” But we all know that working for progress and a secure future for the middle class is change worth fighting for. We are fired up and ready to go with change in Florida, by standing up, organizing, and replacing Rick Scott in 2014.


Now, Mitch Caesar has been the Chair of the Broward Democratic Party for 16 years. And you have to admit that he does have some admirable qualities. He has a louder voice and is taller than Cynthia Busch. But only Cynthia can build a team that supports each others’ efforts. Only Cynthia will bring together Democratic Party, Organizing for America, Union, and faith-based volunteers in a team effort to support our shared goals for the future. And only Cynthia has a specific plan of action to lead us to become the Broward Democratic Party we need to be. It is time for a change! And Cynthia Busch is that change!