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Hello members of BlueBroward. I am Doreen Chamberlain and I am honored to be an additional editor for the BlueBroward website. I am available to assist you with adding events submitted via email and help you, if you need it, on how to use the self-service features of the BlueBroward website. I am also available for any additional needs you may have in keep your particular democratic club’s information up-to-date on this website. Please feel free to contact me at or call 954-798-1138. I look forward to serving you in the future.

Hillary Clinton Most Impressive at Broward College!!! But…

I attended the Hillary Clinton presidential free event on Friday October 2, 2015 at Broward College in Davie, FL and my impressions are: #1.  Hillary offered a most inspirational and informative speech on why she desires and deserves to be President.  #2. The organizers failed so terribly that they could never be hired to put on a high school senior prom properly.  While Hillary attended 3 fund raisers on that day, she graciously offered a free event, covering numerous subjects on where she would want to lead the country.  She most successfully wrapped part of her speech around her one year granddaughter Charlotte that the mostly elderly crowd soaked up. Of what kind of America Charlotte e will be growing up in and how Hillary wants America to improve.  While all the time being very careful to not step on the toes of POTUS Obama.   Hillary did speak about the days before Oregon college shooting massacre and the need to expand gun laws; the need to eliminate all discrimination of women wages and numerous current and important issues for the November 2016 election.

Hillary has already raised over $100,000,000.00 for her campaign.  Congratulations!  Did Hillary’s Florida campaign manager think of asking for a few thousand dollars for the Broward College event?  HELL NO!  And I use the words “campaign manager” as a joke: Failures after failures occurred Friday afternoon!  Davie Road is the main road leading into the Broward College campus.  Not a single sign was posted on Davie Road informing attendees where to turn onto the campus.  Then very few signs, only very near the gym, appeared directing the drivers where to park.   Arriving at 1:30 PM, the line to go through Secret Service inspections took about 25 minutes.  So the campaign volunteers graciously offered everyone with bottled water.  Refreshing and healthy bottle water for all those standing in the basking Florida sun.  And the bottled water was as warm as the 88 degree weather!  The staff had actually stockpiled all the cases of water on the ground clearly in the bright Florida sunlight!  Does the campus have any shade trees next to the gym? “YOU BETCHA!!!!”  Were these shade areas used for the bottled water?  HELL NO! Could not the staff have found just 15 volunteers to buy the same number of cases of water from local 7-11 stores and supermarkets along the way to the campus that same morning; where the water was already refrigerated or buy pounds of bagged ice?  HELL YES.  BUT THEY NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!  Continuing on the hot weather theme; inside the gymnasium the Hillary staff allowed the two sets of doors wide open at 1:00 PM and foolishly allowed all the same hot and humid air to rush in.  DUH!!!!   Door can open and CLOSE!!!!   And they left these same doors wide open until 2:30 PM.   Not too smart!!

On both sides of gym there are accordion style folding out bleacher seats offering hundreds upon hundreds of seats.  Were both of these open and useful?  HELL NO!  Only one set was used and it was filled up within minutes.  Above the basketball court gym, running both lengths of the court are balconies.  Again only one set of the two balconies was open to the public.  And only special ‘guests’ were allowed in that open section.  I did see my US Congressman Ted Deutch up there.  A total shame he was not allowed to speak for just a few minutes right before Hillary spoke. I did notice no more than 150 folding chairs on the floor.  One would assume that huge public Broward College would have hundreds upon hundreds more to ‘donate’ to the event.  But the staff, I bet, never bothered to ask.  And everyone knows that folding chairs take up a lot of space that will show up much better on press photos in the next day newspapers of desired huge crowds.  I personally spoke to a Jake, who said he was running Presidential Hillary Clinton show, why both sets of bleachers were not open?   And where are the hundreds of definitely needed folding chairs for so many elderly Hillary supporters?  ?  And why only 50% of the balconies closed?  I literally told 25ish year old Jake that opponents of Hillary will have a field day showing photographs of huge areas of the gym COMPLETELTY EMPTY!!!! And as the crowd was made up of mostly the elderly; that I knew could not stand for over 3 hours in the hot and humid gym.   His simple reply: “Security won’t allow it”.  WHAT A LIAR!   The real truth is that he personally wanted the press to show off the floor area just in front of where MS Clinton would speak would  show a huge crowd; shoulder to shoulder.

As expected Hillary was late to speak, so at 2:30 PM I walked out, through the same set of wide open doors, to the Secret Service and asked them if they had anything to do with the set up arraignments inside the gym. Allow me to paraphrase the Secret Service answers. “No.” was their answer.  “We are only here to deal with security of the attendees walking into the gym.  We have nothing to do with the inside set up arraingements.”  Sure enough, while Hillary was speaking, I personally saw two sets of paramedics rush to the front of the crowd.  Most likely to revive fainted elders!  The Saturday SunSentinel writers stated that about 1,200 Hillary devotees showed up.  Only 1,200 in very Democratic rich Broward County?  How could that be? Read further on.   It also appeared that a vast majority of the seated attendees on the speaking podium, behind Hillary were college age.  What ever happened to giving your seat to the elderly?  Especially as the elderly do vote in huge numbers and in sky high percentages!  High school and college age voters?  At a much lower voting rate!  Hey Jake, please try thinking!  And sure enough in another Saturday newspaper I noticed two photos about the skimpy Hillary crowd.  One photo showed the whole balcony area completely empty.  Just as I had informed baby-face Jake.  The other photo showed the back of the gym with just a few attendees.  Hey overly-paid Jake, welcome to the current war to win elections.  Honest photos showing empty crowds can and will lose campaigns!

I woke up this morning to read that a Bernie Sanders event completely filled the air-conditioned 20,000 SEAT Boston Convention Center on Saturday with 1,000’s followers more in overflow areas.  Bernie has never run a campaign outside of his tiny Vermont.   The Clintons are already on their fourth presidential campaign.  So it is hard to believe what disasters occurred on Friday at Broward College.  Thank you Jake!

But fear not loyal Hillary devotees:  Democrats across the country are about to be educated that THE BERN has PROUDLY voted AGAINST the Brady Gun bill on numerous occasions: The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, enacted November 30, 1993, is an Act of the United States Congress that mandated federal background checks on firearm purchasers in the United States, and imposed a five-day waiting period on purchases:

  • In May 1991, Socialist Congressman “THE BERN!” Sanders votedagainst a version of the Brady Gun bill that mandated a seven-day waiting period for background checks, but the bill passed in the House.
  • The Senate decreased the waiting period tofive days and the bill returned to the House. In Nov. 1991, Socialist Congressman “THE BERN!” Sanders voted against that version.
  • After some back and forth, a version of the bill resurfaced thatreinstated the five day waiting period. In November 1993, Socialist Congressman “THE BERN!” Sanders voted against even that version.
  • Socialist Congressman “THE BERN!” Sanders also votedagainst an amendment that would have ended state waiting periods.
  • The final compromise version of the Brady bill —  aninterim five-day waiting period while installing an instant background check system — was passed and signed into law on Nov. 30, 1993.  Socialist Congressman Bernie “THE BERN!”  Sanders CONTEMPTUOUSLY voted against it.


So fear not lovers of Bill and Hillary Clinton:  The current swell of support for 74 year old Bernie will quickly wane away once they are informed that he voted so often with Republican NRA supporters!!!!  As in POOF!  GONE!!!!

POTUS Abe Lincoln shot and murdered.  POTUS Garfield shot and murdered.  POTUS McKinley shot and murdered.  POTUS John F Kennedy shot and murdered.  Attempted gun assassinations on POTUS Andrew Jackson, POTUS William Howard Taft, POTUS Theodore Roosevelt, POTUS Franklin D Roosevelt, POTUS Harry S Truman, Nixon, POTUS Gerald R Ford, reagun, POTUS Bill Clinton, POTUS Barak Obama.  Presidential candidates: Huey Long shot and murdered and Robert F Kennedy shot and murdered.  Governor George Wallace shot.  Senator John Stennis shot.  Mayor Harvey Milk shot and murdered. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords shot. Beatle John Lennon shot and murdered.  Rappers Biggie and 50 Cent shot and murdered.  Singer Marvin Gaye shot and murdered.  Actor Phil Hartman shot and murdered.   Martin Luther King Jr. shot and murdered.  Malcolm X shot and murdered. Child actor “Alfalfa” Carl Switzer shot and murdered.   Designer Gianni Versace shot and murdered. Artist Andy Warhol shot. Columbine High School 13 murdered. Movie theater in Aurora, Colorado 12 murdered and 70 others were injured. The largest number of casualties in a shooting in the history of the United States.  Virginia Tech massacre shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others.   Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina 10 shot with nine murdered.  Finally, The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting where 20 children and 6 adult staff members shot and murdered. Every child was found with at least two bullets in their tiny frames.

Yet non- Democrat and admitted SOCIALIST Bernie Sanders ALWAYS voted against the Brady Gun Bills.  And what is a proudly stated Socialist Sanders doing; running in MY Democratic primaries?  What a SHUNDA the BERN is!!!!!

PS  I heard about the Hillary event on the Friday before the event.  That following Sunday the SunSentinel newspaper had an article on it.  I sent an e-mail on Monday morning to Active Chairperson of the Broward DEC, Cynthia Busch suggesting most strongly that she commence an immediate announcement to all her 35 (?) club Presidents.  To demand that they all inform their individual club members ASAP.  (The same should be done by the Broward DEC if that Socialist and the other three announced and  true Democrats running for POTUS care to spend any time here.)  A member of the Broward DEC actually replied back to me: “Dec is working on getting out the information as we speak so” at 12:59 PM Monday.  Yet the Broward DEC finally sent out their e-mail the next afternoon, on Tuesday afternoon at 3:14 PM for a Friday major event!  Cynthia, it really takes over 26 hours for the highly technical Broward DEC to compose a simple announcement?   Tens of thousands dollars are being thrown at the latest technology.   Yet not a single nickel spent to compose same day e-mails????   And still active chief Broward DEC Chairperson Mitch Ceasar, where was your leadership?  I am associated with 5 local Broward Democratic Clubs.  Only one informed me about Hillary’s free event open; to the public.  MS Busch has already stated many times that she wants to spend loads and loads of money on the newest technology and the latest aspects of identifying POTENTIAL Democratic voters.  Cynthia, how about taking care of your own present day dues paying members first?  Current Broward DEC members most likely to vote in the 95 percentage tile.  The same cannot be said about potential voters.  I end with believing all Florida Democrats need to re-register as Republicans SOLELY to vote for THE DONALD just in the GOP Primary.  Since Florida is the #1 Swing State in the USA for the November 2016 election; it is essential that THE DONALD becomes the GOP nominee.  (Then after the GOP primary; to re-register back as a Democrat.)  This will guarantee the easiest way Hillary will slide into the White House.  For her Florida OVERLY PAID staff is totally screwing up!!!!  Joel A Greenwald

Perspectives on Bernie Sanders

The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders is one of the most exciting and interesting stories in this presidential cycle. In this blog, I’ll share some of what I’ve been reading as I try to decide what I think about him. (See also the Oakland Park Democratic Club‘s meeting with a PDA presentation on the Sanders campaign).

One of the reasons I haven’t posted much about the presidential race to this blog is that I have yet to find myself particularly engaged with any of the campaigns (I invite others with stronger opinions to post here). I am not as passionate for or against Hillary Clinton as many others. After her transition from First Lady to Senator and then Secretary of State, she has gained experience and credibility. On the other hand, I worry about the drama that surrounds her and seemingly always will.

Now, Sen. Sanders campaign seems to be turning from token opposition to potentially viable alternative. Conventional wisdom says a self-described socialist should be un-electable. On the other hand, after decades of watching Democrats run away from labels like “liberal” let alone “socialist,” maybe the country is ready for a candidate who is not afraid of his own shadow.

While I have my own reservations about Sen. Sanders’ economic policy, I don’t expect it to be adopted wholesale. A strong push to the left may be what this country needs to bring its economic policies into balance.

Again, I’m just “thinking out loud” at this point, not coming to a conclusion.

Here is that reading list. The last couple of items are from skeptics of his economic policy, including one column in the conservative National Review that gives you an idea of how the opposition would attack him should he emerge as the nominee.

Sanders, Corbyn and the coming debate inside the Democratic Party

The election of Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing back-bencher, as the new leader of the British Labour Party raises the inevitable question: Can it happen here? Can Bernie Sanders, the independent socialist senator from Vermont, capture the heart and soul of the Democratic Party?

From <>

Surprised Bernie Sanders Is Leading the Polls? So Is He

Many political observers are surprised that Bernie Sanders is doing so well in the polls – including Sanders himself.

“You want me to tell you the truth? Yes, I’m stunned,” Sanders said during a Thursday afternoon interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room.” “Look, we have a message that I believed from day one was going to resonate with the American people. … Did I think [the issues] would resonate as quickly as they have? The answer is no.”

From <>

10 ways Bernie Sanders would make the economy work for everyone

This article is excerpted from The Essential Bernie Sanders and His Vision for America by Jonathan Tasini (Chelsea Green Publishing, September 2015) and is published here with permission of the publisher. The book will be available nationwide on September 8th, which is Sanders’ birthday. For more information.)

“What a lot of people are feeling [about Sanders] is that there is somebody speaking to their issues. I think that’s why you’re seeing so many people come out. People are sick and tired of corporate America, both Republican and Democrat.”

—Troy Jackson, a logger from Allagash and former majority leader of the Maine Senate

Everyone cares about how the government spends its money, especially people who embrace the idea that smart, progressive government is a force for good. From the time he was watching taxpayer money as mayor of Burlington right up through his service in the House and Senate, Bernie has always looked for the proper balance between, on the one hand, strong, effective programs that look out for the people and, on the other, financing those programs by asking people who earn more to pay their fair share.

Even before his current campaign for the White House, Bernie thought through, in ten easy steps, a plan to meet human needs by raising hundreds of billions of dollars from the wealthy and corporations, and by reducing wasteful spending. Not a single dime from the list below would come from working people. —J.T.

From <>

The Sandernista revolution: Vast crowds turning out for Bernie Sanders are not all they seem

SOMETIMES a single word can capture a moment in politics. In 2008 it was Hope that carried Barack Obama to the White House. A bleaker noun seems to hold voters in its power just now: Fight. The country’s combative mood helps to explain the huge crowds, some exceeding 28,000 people, that have been turning out to cheer Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a pugnacious underdog in the contest for the next Democratic presidential nomination. Mr Sanders has risen in the polls all summer, closing fast on the front-runner, Hillary Clinton and even overtaking her in one August survey of New Hampshire voters.

It is not sunny optimism that explains this surge. A typical Sanders speech resembles a 90-minute sermon on modern America’s ills, delivered in the growling tones of his native Brooklyn. Hunched over a lectern, snowy hair aquiver with emotion, the 73-year-old’s usual targets include the “greed, recklessness and dishonesty” of Wall Street bankers, the malign influence of billionaire political donors, and the “abysmally low” wages that blight the lives of working families. Change will be hard, Mr Sanders warns audiences, and will require a “political revolution”. He is not joking (the senator rarely jokes). His proposals include moving towards a Canadian-style health system with publicly funded care for all, free tuition at public universities and a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan intended to create 13m jobs.

Mr Sanders’s supporters have been disappointed before. As one told the senator in Boone, Iowa on August 15th, in a sharp rebuke of Mr Obama: “I voted eight years ago for hope and change and I am still waiting.”

From <>

Bernie Sanders’ 10 Ways To Mess With The Economy

You will not be greatly surprised to hear that I am not wholly in favour of the methods that Bernie Sanders intends to use should, if the heavens forsake us, he does in fact become President of the United States. A classical liberal like me is most unlikely to approve of the sort of thing that a not very attentive progressive liberal would do to mess up a market economy. However, given that I’m unlikely to like the sort of economic measures he proposes it is perhaps worth having a look at what he is proposing and see why it is that I don’t like them. The answer being, largely, that they won’t do what he thinks they will and are thus counter-productive.

From <>

Bernie Sanders Has an Inconvenient Message for the Democratic Party

Currently, there is a 2016 presidential candidate barnstorming his way across the country to hyped-up, adoring crowds while caterwauling about the establishment failures of the ruling political class, claiming to be the candidate of the people and the only one in the running that cannot be bought by Washington special interests. His blustery non-conformities are reverberating throughout the fringe base of the party and captivating the media’s attention.

I am of course referring to (*ahem* Democratic) socialist Bernie Sanders, who one day out of the blue seemingly just decided to get up and run for president after giving up on the New York Times crossword and Sudoku. Sanders was never meant to be anything more than a disgruntled tomato can on the path to the coronation of Queen BAE Hillary, a useful sparring partner whose job was to jab her just enough without hurting her in preparation for the actual main event. The only problem for Hillary and the DNC is that Sanders’s special brand of Grampa Simpson relativism is catching on, and Hillary hasn’t been too great at dodging punches.

Sanders is that guy you’ve gone out of your way to avoid a hundred times stepping off a city bus, who looks like he’s desperately on the verge of spilling the contents of the loose-leaf folders under his arms while sweating through the same bedraggled blazer he’s been wearing for 25 years.

From <>

Are You Going to Help Elect the First Woman President This Country Has Ever Had?

(re-posted from email)

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From: Alan G. Ehrlich <>
Date: Sat, Jun 27, 2015 at 2:54 AM
Subject: Are You Going to Help Elect the First Woman President This Country Has Ever Had?
Greetings and best wishes for a great weekend!  IT HAS CERTAINLY BEEN AN AMAZING WEEK!

Yesterday’s Hillary House Party at Ralph and Mary Rickel’s home was wonderful.  Special Guest Craig Smith, former White House Political Director, and someone who has known Bill and Hillary Clinton for 40 years gave an outstanding talk.  He made it clear that, once again, Florida will be ground zero in the 2016 Presidential Election.  That the Republican candidate, whoever that turns out to be, cannot win unless he wins Florida.  And, as all of us who live in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward counties know, we have the power right here in South Florida to make sure that that person does not win this state!  So if you are ready for Hillary and would like to get involved in her campaign right now, please let me know.  There are many ways for you to help.

It’s been an inspiring few days.  Yesterday (Thursday), the United States Supreme Court upheld Obamacare and made it clear that it is and will continue to be the law of the land, providing affordable health insurance coverage to millions of Americans.  Also yesterday, the Court handed down a decision strongly endorsing the 1968 Fair Housing Act, making it clear that racial discrimination in housing can be proven by statistics showing the disparate impact a particular practice has on minorities, as well as by proving overt racial bias.

And then today (Friday), the Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision that just a few years ago (like the idea of an African-American being elected President) would have seemed unbelievable.  The Court held that the constitutional guarantees of due process and equal protection mean that states may not ban same-sex marriage.  Here’s what Justice Kennedy said in his majority opinion:  “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.

The White<br />

Then, also on Friday, our President, Barack Obama gave one of the best speeches he has ever given, in eulogizing the Reverend Clementa Pinckney.  If you have not yet seen this talk, either live or on Rachel Maddow, you owe it to yourself to watch and listen.  It’s a bit over 30 minutes long, but you should take the time; it’s amazing!  Here’s a link to watch:

Now, if you are at all moved to help out with voter registration, we will be at the West Regional Library (at Broward & Pine Island) on Wednesday and Thursday, July 8th & 9th, from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM.  Please let me know if you can volunteer either from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM or from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM.  If you’d like to help out with voter registration at the West Regional Library on weekends, contact John Ziegler at 954-232-3918

And if you’d like to register students at Broward College, either in Davie or Coconut Creek, please let me know.  The Fall Semester starts on August 24th with a whole new crop of students, and we will need volunteers for several days at that time.  So please put it on your calendar and let me know that we can count on you to help.

As always, thanks for all you do!


Long time Broward resident and Community Activist Lisa Serafin-Ferreri announced her Candidacy for Broward Clerk of Court

For Immediate Release: Contact: Barry Epstein 561.852.0000


Candidate for Broward Clerk of Court

“Change is the law of life. Moreover, those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy

Long time Broward resident and Community Activist Lisa Serafin-Ferreri announced her Candidacy for Broward Clerk of Court.

Lisa Serafin-Ferreri. 50, has been a Paralegal for over thirty years, and has seen Broward’s court system up front and personal, with positive ideas on methods to make it better.  She was born in Yonkers, New York in 1965 and moved to Florida in 1992.  She graduated from Immaculate Heart Academy, attended and graduated from St. Thomas College with a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree, an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Travel & Tourism from SUNY-Rockland Community College, attended and obtained her Certification in Paralegal Studies from the Sparkill Campus of Long Island University and has her Certification in Real Estate from Gold Coast School of Real Estate.

Lisa Serafin-Ferreri has already made herself well known in Broward County political and charitable circles. She enters the race for Broward County Clerk of Court, with the support of a coalition of civic, political and volunteer organizations. She is running as a Professional Administrator of Operations, not a “seasoned” politician. Those who know her describe her as loyal, committed, confident, trustworthy, and business minded.

“My number one goal is to improve and implement training programs that will make the staff more accessible, accommodating and user friendly for the public, who are dependent on the Clerk’s Office to function at a high level. Errors and backlogs can be frustrating to the citizens and legal community who use the system daily and they need to be minimized.”

Lisa recently married Vincent Ferreri and they live in Coconut Creek. Lisa, as a mother of four children, has frequently  organized political and community events for many organizations. Currently a Litigation Paralegal at Roig Lawyers with offices in several counties throughout the State of Florida, in spite of her busy home and work schedule, shemakes time to volunteer for a number of charities, civic organizations and local and state candidates election campaigns.

“Electing Lisa Serafin-Ferreri, as Clerk of Broward County in November 2016 is the best thing we voters can do to assure that this important agency will function at a high level for years to come, “said one supporter.  Perhaps Lisa’s husband, Vincent Ferreri  said it best, “If you want a Broward County Court System that is efficient  and dependable, we would all benefit with Lisa at the helm”, he concluded.

Heckuva job guys!

Having lost the last few gubernatorial elections with two unknown nobodies and then the wife of one of those nobodies, all the big shots and know it alls figured the way to go was to nominate the father of our anti marriage equality constitutional amendment, a man who thought putting black men in chain gangs was a great 21st century solution to our social problems, a self described “Reagan conservative” who we’d all been working against in almost a half dozen state wide elections over the past 20 years.  You know, the guy they screwed over Kendrick Meek for.

After all, from the president to the crew of MSNBC to all the activists, we were assured that there was not one single credible Democrat available in the entire state to challenge the most unpopular governor in Florida history.  They moved heaven and earth to clear the field for good ole Charlie.

How’s this folks – – next time, why doesn’t the Democratic Party nominate a DEMOCRAT?

Of course, I’m sure all the smart guys will try to find another losing state wide Republican to nominate . .  . if they can find one who lost !

Why I Am Knocking Myself Out To Elect Charlie Crist (And You Should, Too)

I have always thought that Charlie Crist made a better Democrat than a Republican. In fact, he should have been a Democrat the fist time he ran for Governor.

But he was a Republican when he was elected. And yet, look at some of the actions he took while he was Governor. He used his line-item veto power at least twice to benefit teachers and Florida’s educational system, preventing the Legislature from decreasing funding for education and from reducing retirement benefits for public school employees and retirees. He also vetoed a bill that would have required women seeking abortions to have medically unnecessary ultrasounds. He also overruled Republicans in Tallahassee and extended voting hours during the 2008 election, making sure that all Florida voters could cast their ballots. And, most impressive for me as a cooperating attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, Governor Crist tried to make it easier for Floridians who had been convicted of a felony and had served their time in prison to get their voting and other rights restored. This is something that affects hundreds of thousands of Florida citizens and that many other states do automatically. Like I said, Charlie Crist should have been a Democrat to begin with!

And now, let me talk about why I am knocking on so many doors to help elect Charlie Crist (and why you should too). I will limit myself to what I see as the five main reasons for electing Charlie and retiring Rick Scott. First and most importantly, Charlie is the one candidate who won’t just talk the talk, but will really stand up for our teachers, our schools, and Florida’s education system. Second, while he is not a scientist either, Charlie believes that science has conclusively shown that climate change is partially caused by actions we have taken, and he is the one candidate who will work to reduce pollution and fight to protect our environment. Third, he is the one candidate who will stand up for women’s rights, whether at a workplace or at a doctor’s office. Fourth, Charlie Crist is the one candidate who will not turn down Federal money which would help to bring jobs and healthcare coverage to millions of Floridians. Fifth and finally, Charlie Crist is the one candidate who, as a Democratic Governor in 2016, will ensure that Florida helps to elect the first woman President in our history!

This election is very close and is going to depend on TURNOUT! From Saturday, November 1st, through Tuesday, November 4th, we will be organizing four shifts each day for you to help get out the vote (GOTV). The GOTV shift times are as follows:

Saturday, November 1st:
10 AM to 1 PM
1 PM to 4 PM
4 PM to 7 PM
6 PM to 9 PM

Sunday, November 2nd:
10 AM to 1 PM
1 PM to 4 PM
4 PM to 7 PM
6 PM to 9 PM

Monday, November 3rd:
10 AM to 1 PM
1 PM to 4 PM
4 PM to 7 PM
6 PM to 9 PM

Tuesday, November 4th:
7 AM to 10 AM
9 AM to 1 PM
1 PM to 4 PM
4 PM to 7 PM

I am asking you to pick out at least two shifts during these four crucial days, and commit to coming out to help get out the vote. Let me know as soon as you can which days and what times you will be available. My house will be one of the staging areas, so you can come and go from a familiar place!

9411 NW 10 Street
Plantation, FL 33322

Democrats Running for Coral Springs Mayor, City Commission

Municipal races are odd for partisans, since the races themselves are theoretically non-partisan, but as Democrats we want to show our support for the team. In Coral Springs, there has been a pattern in recent years of increasing Republican control over the city commission. One issue has been a shortage of Democrats stepping forward to run.

This year, you can support former State Senator Skip Campbell in the race for mayor. You can meet him at a campaign event Friday night.

In one of the more contentious races, we actually have two Democrats running. I favor Lou Cimaglia because I know him to be a good person, active in the community and in charitable causes. He has no great involvement in partisan politics, but he is a lifelong Democrat. His opponent, Howard Melamed, somehow managed to get himself anointed, by some, as the “real” Democrat to support. Mr. Cimiglia’s crime is apparently that he has too many Republican friends. (I have some, too).

I don’t get it. Melamed is a former independent who donated to Romney for President in 2012 (and had a more muddled record in 2008 where he started out supporting Giuliani and McCain before sending money to Obama late in the game). Melamed is probably best known as a domain squatter, the guy who bought before the city could and has made a hobby out of intercepting email intended for city officials. He’s amusing as a merry prankster, but I can’t see him as a city commissioner.

In the other races, party politics isn’t much of an issue. Joy Carter, an independent, has gathered the support of many Democrats, and a number of my friends speak highly of her, so I will probably give her my vote.