Aronberg is Pushing Me Into Gelber’s Camp for Attorney General

In the Democratic primary for attorney general, I’ve been torn about which candidate to back, thinking they were both good. I liked what I heard from Gelber, but also was influenced by the argument that Aronberg might run stronger statewide. But now I’m annoyed with Dave Aronberg. I can’t respect this recent tactic of flogging Dan Gelber over a supposed conflict of interest because the law firm Gelber worked for has taken BP as a client.

Gelber resigned from the firm out of political necessity, even though he personally never had anything to do with representing BP and taking them on as a client wasn’t his call. But I just got another email from Aronberg rehashing this issue. Strikes me as opportunistic and cynical.


As scored by the PolitiFact fact checking project:

Barely True
Dan Gelber and his ties to BP questioned by opponent

If Florida winds up suing BP over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a newly elected Attorney General Dan Gelber may have to sit the case out, according to his rival for the Democratic nomination. Dave Aronberg says that Gelber could be disqualified from representing the state in a case against BP because the private law firm he worked for until recently, Akerman Senterfitt, signed BP as a client in oil spill matters.

… we turned to a cadre of legal experts to see if there is or could be a conflict.

Most thought it would be difficult to have Gelber removed. (Read the analysis)

Here’s this week’s release from Aronberg, if you want to judge for yourself.

Updated: I’ve revised this post to use slightly less inflammatory language, and to add the link to PolitiFact. Fans of Dave Aronberg are welcome to respond, or post their own entries on why they support him.

Dear Friends,

As a horrified nation watches daily news reports of oil washing up on our shores, it has become clear, as President Obama said, that this is indeed “the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced.”

Not only is the oil spill one of the most important challenges facing Florida today, it also presents the most important legal issue facing our state’s next Attorney General.

In what may well be the biggest lawsuit in Florida history, the next Attorney General will have to lead the state’s legal response to the actions of BP, Halliburton and Transocean.

In my opinion, Florida’s next Attorney General should not come from BP’s law firm.

Two months ago, BP hired Dan Gelber’s law firm to represent the company in Florida. Because of this potential conflict of interest, I, along with many others, have serious concerns about my opponent’s ability to represent Florida against BP as Attorney General.

I fully realized that by shedding light on these facts, my opponent’s supporters would accuse me of negative campaigning.

I strongly disagree.

Like you, I too am tired of personal attacks in politics: vicious campaign ads that reference someone’s family or an innocent youthful indiscretion have no place in politics.

But when the number one issue facing the next Attorney General is the impending lawsuit on behalf of the people of Florida against BP, it is crucial information to know that one of the Attorney General candidates may be disqualified from leading the charge against BP. You don’t have to be a lawyer to see the potential conflict of interest when someone works for BP’s law firm and then turns around and sues BP as Florida Attorney General.

Whether Florida’s next Attorney General can sue BP is not only a relevant issue — it is one of the most important issues of this campaign.

The people of Florida will ultimately decide whether I am right or wrong to highlight this issue in this race.

However this election turns out, at least it will be decided on relevant issues, not red herrings. On public policy, not personalities. On oil, and not on mud.



Local Victory’s Guide to Grassroots Campaigning

This is from the newsletter of a website called Local Victory, a website I just discovered that seems to offer a wealth of information for campaigns and organizers.

Beginner’s Guide to Grassroots Campaiging

Today, we present The Beginner’s Guide to Grassroots Campaigning, the third installment in our “Beginner’s Guide” Series.  (If you haven’t already, be sure to check out The Beginner’s Guide to Political Communications and The Beginner’s Guide to Political Fundraising).

Working the grassroots is a vital component of any campaign, no matter how large or small.  For local campaigns, grassroots politics takes on added significance as one of the main ways to communicate with the voters.  No matter what office you are running for, no matter how much (or how little) cash your campaign has, follow these tips to make sure your grassroots campaign gets off to a great start:

Building Your Campaign Organization

5 Secrets of Successful Grassroots Organizations – Tips for making your grassroots organization shine.

The 2 Most Asked Questions About Grassroots Politics – Do you know the answers?  They may surprise you!

Finding and Managing Volunteers

How to Find Volunteers for Your Political Campaign – Where to find great volunteers to help you win.

Creating Volunteer Superstars – Figuring out how to best use each and every volunteer.

How to Manage Political Campaign Volunteers – Soup to nuts, getting your volunteers on track and on task.

Door to Door Campaigning

Why Your Campaign HAS to Go Door to Door – The top reasons why your campaign – and your candidate – has to start knocking on doors.

How to Run a Great Door to Door Campaign – Now you know you need to get out there… here’s how to do it!

Grassroots Events

How to Hold Successful Town Hall Meetings – Get out there and meet the crowd.  How to use town halls to build your name recognition and benefit your campaign.

How to Plan a Candidate Tour Event – Using candidate tour events to build local support.

Voter Registration and Absentee Ballots

The Right Way to Hold a Voter Registration Drive – Don’t just set up a table and hope for the best… use this guide to help you target your efforts.

Successful Absentee Voter Drives – Reaching (and persuading) absentee voters with your campaign’s message.

Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

Winning Your Election by Getting Out the Vote – Your strategy guide to running a GOTV operation.

Do You Know How to Set Your Get Out the Vote Goals? – Setting GOTV goals that will have your team celebrating on Election Night.

A Guide to Making GOTV Calls – How to run an effective get out the vote phone bank.

Advanced Grassroots Topics

Linking Your Campaign with a Grassroots Movement – How to connect with outside grassroots movements to help you win.

Running a Grassroots Contribution Campaign – Raising money at the grassroots.

Building Political Coalitions – One of our most popular (and longest) articles ever.

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Rougher Road for Democrats Without Obama Atop Ticket

In a midterm election year, Democrats defending House districts they captured from Republicans are trying to recreate the Obama campaign machinery.

Excerpt: To hold these seats and to protect others that are vulnerable, Democrats are trying to re-create the Obama campaign machinery and expand turnout beyond a typical midterm election to compete with a particularly motivated Republican base.

The prospects for Democrats holding on to the House, and perhaps even the Senate, could rest with whether legions of first-time or occasional voters who supported Mr. Obama, including a high percentage of African-Americans, return to the polls this year.

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Rudy Moise for Congress

Hey my name is Luke Inglis from the Rudy Moise Campaign for Congress. Rudy is a Democrat Running for the United States Congress in district 17( Kendrick Meek’s seat). We are a Campaign that is growing fast and can use all the volunteers possible. We are a diverse Campaign full of people of all ages and races. The website for the campaign is If anyone would be interested in volunteering or an internship we are located at 655 NW 119th st in North Miami, the number to the office is 305-751-2104.

Volunteers Needed For Klein Campaign Office!!!

Cross-posting this on behalf of the Klein campaign:

From: Anthony Morse <>

We have come up with the temporary schedule for phone banks for the next two weeks. These are temporary schedules as the campaign is working towards being open every day. The two week schedule is as follows.

Monday: 10 am to 8 pm
Tuesday: 10 am to 8 pm
Wednesday: 4 pm to 8 pm
Thursday: 4 pm to 8 pm
Friday: 10 am to 4 pm

The office address is
623 North Federal Highway( North West Side of Federal and NE 6th St.)
Pompano Beach

Please let me know if you can volunteer any of your time

Anthony Morse
Volunteer Coordinator
Ron Klein for Congress

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