Legislative Wrap Up by Representative Doti Joseph in Creole

The Democratic Women’s Club of Greater Lauderhill and The Haitian American Democratic Club invite you to a Legislative Wrap Up by Representative Dote Joseph

Delta Education and Life Development Center 2250 NW 21st St, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33310

6:00PM – 7:30PM

Please join us for a Legislative Wrap Up by Representative Doti Joseph in Creole. There will be interpreters: Creole to English and English to Creole

How to Add an Image to an Event Post or Blog Post

Adding an image to your event posts helps them stand out more on the calendar. Just be aware that many BlueBroward members will see your event as part of a weekly calendar roundup, and some email programs will not display the images. That means your image should provide additional value, but basic details like location and contact info should be included in the body of the post.

This video shows how you add an image to an event posting to the calendar or a post to the blog.

If you hoover your mouse over a new paragraph, you should see a + sign appear in the left hand margin that allows you to switch between adding text and adding an image. The same technique will allow you to add a YouTube video or another sort of content.

To insert an image between two paragraphs, hoover your mouse in the space between them and you will see the + sign appear between the two paragraphs. Or hover it over the first paragraph to get a + button that will allow you to add an image at the top of the post.

In the sidebar on the right, you will see options for whether to show the image full size or a smaller size, and whether to change how it is aligned relative to the text of your post (centered, aligned right, or whatever).

Debate Watch Parties

So far, look like there’s one big Democratic debates watch party scheduled for Wednesday night at ArtServe. But none for Thursday? That might actually be the more interesting night (Biden / Kamala Harris / Buttigieg / Sanders).

I know there some other smaller gatherings planned, so write back if you would like me to share the information on yours.

I heard there’s something in Coral Springs at the Ale House. Both nights? Can’t find anything posted online.

June 18 Special Election in Coral Springs, Endorsing Khurrum Wahid

There is a special election in Coral Springs on June 18 (no early voting) to fill a City Commission seat. Former Commissioner Dan Daley recently moved up to State Representative (filling the seat vacated when Jared Moskowitz took a position with the DeSantis administration).

The Sun-Sentinel has endorsed Khurrum Wahid, a local attorney with an ambitious agenda for the city. I agree. This is a personal endorsement, not necessarily the choice of the BlueBroward community. But I’ve spoken with Mr. Wahid, a local defense attorney, on several occasions and believe he would be a strong addition to the city’s leadership team. You can learn more about him at

This is a non-partisan race, but I can tell you that Khurrum Wahid is an active Democrat. I believe there is at least one other Democrat in the race. There are also a couple of Republicans, who might otherwise be fine people, but in 2019 continuing to identify with the Republican party is a disqualifying characteristic in my book.

Kudos to Robert Mueller!

I met Robert Mueller once.  Years ago, while I was on the State Board of the Florida ACLU, Mueller was head of the FBI and  came to speak to the organization to assure us that the FBI would never intentionally violate the constitutional rights of American citizens in carrying out its investigations.  Whether or not the FBI has held true to his assurance, it was obvious to me then and ever since that Robert Mueller is brilliant, impressive, and an American original.

You can see just how brilliant and impressive he is by reading the just-released Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election (the Mueller Report.)  Focusing just on Volume II which deals with the questions about whether Donald Trump had obstructed justice in connection with the FBI investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, Mueller provides what others have called a road-map detailing the facts about the events encompassing obstruction of justice in the following 11 distinct areas:

The Campaign’s response to reports about Russian support for Trump;

  • Conduct involving FBI Director Comey and Michael Flynn;
  • The President’s reaction to the continuing Russia investigation;
  • The President’s termination of Comey;
  • The appointment of a Special Counsel and efforts to remove him;
  • Efforts to curtail the Special Counsel’s investigation;
  • The President’s Efforts to Prevent Disclosure of Emails About the June 9, 2016 Meeting Between Russians and Senior Campaign Officials;
  • Further efforts to have the Attorney General take control of the investigation;
  • Efforts to have McGahn deny that the President had ordered him to have the Special Counsel removed;
  • The President’s Conduct Towards Flynn, Manafort;
  • The President’s Conduct Involving Michael Cohen.

Robert Mueller lays out the evidence in each of these areas, and without directly saying that our President has obstructed justice, provides the facts that show that indeed he has.  My favorite quotation from the Mueller Report is the following:  “(I)f we had confidence after a thorough investigation

of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.  Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, however, we are unable to reach that judgment.”  In other words, we cannot say that he is innocent, because he is guilty!

It was another good week for voter registration and petition collection at the West Regional Courthouse.  We collected 9 voter registration forms (including 3 neighbors with prior felony convictions), 3 requests to vote-by-mail, and 116 medicaid expansion petitions.  Many thanks to Lonnie Supnick, Debra Longberg, Norman Levy, Marsha Eisenberg, Flora Costanzo, Lauren Tate, and Robin Adell for coming out to help.

I will be back at the West Regional Courthouse on Monday and Wednesday, April 22nd and 24th from 10 AM until 2 PM.  I would love for you to come out and join me.  Let me know if and when you can.


Video: How to Promote Your Regular Club Meetings on

BlueBroward encourages clubs that meet on a regular basis to establish an event template that defines your schedule (something like “First Tuesday of the month at 7 pm) and basic details like your regular meeting location and contact info for a club representative people can contact with questions. You can grant editing rights for the template (and all the events based on the template) to other club representatives who can assist with keeping your event listings up to date.

The same approach can be used for any regularly scheduled event, or any series of events for which many of the basic details are the same.

I have been working to make this system as self-explanatory as possible, and the video below should help. One thing people often seem to be confused about is the difference between the template and events based on the template. The template itself should be generic. You don’t want to put details like the names of speakers into the template; you want to put them into the event post for a specific date.

The cookie cutter is not the cookie. Use the template to stamp out multiple events that are identical except for the date. You can then go back and “decorate your cookies,” adding details such as guest speakers to specific events.

Think of it as the difference between the cookie cutter and the cookie. The cookie cutter is a tool for creating cookies, but you wouldn’t put sprinkles on the cookie cutter and eat it.

You can use the template to stamp out one meeting or multiple meetings at a time. Either way, you always have the option of going back later to update what you posted. You can post your events months in advance and still have the option of going back to update those events if your meeting location changes or you have to reschedule a particular meeting.

Watch the video and let me know whether I’ve made the process clear. You can reach me at

Note: For purposes of this tutorial, I assumed the event template for the club has already been created. You can create a new one from scratch by going to the Event Templates screen and clicking the New Template button at the top of the screen. Instead of prompting you for a date, the template screen prompts you to check off the day and frequency of your event. You can also contact me if you need help setting up or modifying a template for a club, caucus, or other organization.

Please try to avoid creating a new template if one already exists. If it does exist, and you don’t have access, contact me to get editing rights.

See also: How to post a special event.

Video: How to Post a Special Event on BlueBroward

BlueBroward is not just for club meeting listings. You can also post campaign kickoffs, fundraising dinners, or any other event you would like to promote. Here’s how:

If you don’t have time to watch the video, the short version is you start from the Dashboard screen that appears after you have logged in and click on Post an Event. Any member of the BlueBroward community (which basically means anyone who has subscribed to the email newsletter) can log in to post events and blog posts.

For the regular monthly meetings of clubs, I encourage the use of event templates, but that’s a separate topic (see How to Promote Regular Club Meetings on Here, the point is to publish a single event we want to promote.

The Post an Event button takes you to a setup screen where you will enter the date and time of your event, as well as a headline. Once you save that information, you will be taken to an editor screen. This is essentially a web-based word processor based on WordPress, the world’s most popular web publishing software.

Formatting tips:

  • Highlight a word or phrase, and a row of buttons appears allowing you to mark that text bold or italic. To add a link, click on the chain link icon.
  • To insert an image or a file attachment (such as a PDF), click on the + button. There is a + button at the top of the page that will allow you to insert something at the end of the document. If you hover your mouse between two paragraphs, you will see a + button allowing you to insert in that spot.
  • You will see multiple options for what sorts of content you can insert. If you do not see the Image or File options, you can type the first few letters of the word Image or File in the search box (you can see this in the video). In both cases, you click Upload and pick the item you want from your computer.

When done, click Publish and confirm you want to make your event visible on the website, on the Calendar page, and in the email roundup of events that goes out on Sundays.

You should see a confirmation message inviting you to view your event on the website. If you see something you want to change, there is an Edit Event link in the black bar that appears on the top of the page that will allow you to make changes. You can also log back into the website at any time to edit or update an event posting.

There are lots of different ways you can promote your events today, and I would never argue that you should promote your event on BlueBroward instead of on Facebook or to your own email list — but as an additional way of reaching a broader audience, it can help you extend your digital reach and attract the biggest and best crowd possible.