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2 thoughts on “Join”

  1. Hi Facebook Family,

    I am writing to let my family know of how disappointed I am the democratic party treat unfairly African American candidates who runs against non African American democratic candidates in primaries who the party loves and supports.

    African Americans have always supported the party against republican candidates. We volunteer our energy and time trying to strengthen a party that does not respect the powers of our vote and that’s for all other ethnic groups that feel used and abuse by the democratic party.

    It is time to reestablish our relationship and it has to be reciprocal or when I become Clerk of Courts we can then file for a Democratic political divorce or separation because we”ve found someone who respect us and understands that “BLACK VOTES MATTER”.

    I’ve worked for democrats getting them elected in Alabama, Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Broward County, Dade County and all over the country.

    Wherefore, I have yet seen the democratic party give the black vote the respect that it needs in order to improve the social conditions for people living within the black community. They rather give us welfare or handouts and not real money so our lives and our children lives would be improved for the next generation.

    We want fairness, we want justice and we want equality given to every African American candidate regardless of his or her race.

    African-American candidates should not be discriminated against by his or her own democratic party WHY BECAUSE;


    When you needed it and when you needed a vote that you can count on,


    Attention Democratic party we are not asking for social generosity as black democratic candidates. We are asking for political reciprocity because all we want is for the party to be true to what it said on paper. This party belongs to all Democrats and it should not matter what race are you;, its democrats today, democrats tomorrow and democrats forever.

    We know the truth and we know America belongs to the indigenous people of the land and we want the democratic party to treat us like FREE men and women.

    If this relationship doesn’t improve in 2016 and if there aren’t more inclusion for everyone to sit at the table of brotherhood.

    Then the party will see that:


    Everyone of my Jamaican-Haitian-Bahamian family members for decades have been democrats, the Rolles, the Fergusons, the Poitiers, the Mckenzies, the Adderleys, the Jacksons, the Bullards, the Johnsons, the Scotts, the Taylors, the Browns, the Youngs, the Bryants, the Campbells, the Gibsons, the Pendletons, the Williams, the Wilsons, the Wimberleys, the Marshalls, the Reaves, the Rokers, the Mays and the Orrs just to name a few.

    So, in the words of the Amistad slaves Give us free! Give US Free! GIVE US FREE!!!!


    Rubin Young
    Candidate Broward County Supervisor of Elections 2016.
    Candidate Broward County Clerk of Courts 2016.
    Candidate Broward County Commission District 2, 2018

    Paid and Approved by the Committee to Elect Rubin Young DEMOCRAT as Broward County SOE 2016, Broward County Clerk of Courts 2016, Broward County Commissioner District 2, 2018

  2. Have not been following Florida campaigns.
    Are there elections in Broward tomorrow?
    Who is being promoted by your website?

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