Sunday August 19, 2018 11:30 AM

Sunday Brunch: Meet & Greet

Hear the last set of the Judicial Candidates on the August 28th Ballot in Broward.  Although Absentee and Early Voting have begun, you may want to wait until the 19th to get to know those who will be on the ballot.

School Board At-Large (county-wide)  All three of the candidates were invited even though the Broward Democratic Club has endorsed  the democratic candidate Donna Carn, who is the incumbent.  The other two were inadvertently invited to speak and will be informed of the club rules which do not allow candidates from other parties to speak.   The seat is non-partisan.

Other candidates who are on the ballot including gubernatorial and state-wide offices will be stopping by.  There are no confirmed speakers.

Emerald Hills Country Club 4100 North Hills Drive

Please RSVP to Muriel Kirschner 954-963-6891   $18.00  The caterer really would like to know who will attend


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