Sunday March 18, 2018 11:30 AM

Gunfight at the NRA Corral: Kathryn Reeves, Head of Every Town For Gun Safety of Broward & Leader of Moms Demand for Gun Sense in America will speak concerning the March for our Lives March 24th and “Everytown” the organization founded by Mayor Bloomberg to address illegal guns.  She will discus how we can help solve the gun problem.

Tallahassee’s assault on Education:  James Herard, Political Director for the Broward Teachers Union will fill us in on the fight to transfer funds from our public schools  HB7055 jn favor of charter schools  and vouchers.

Emerald Hills Country Club 4100 North Hills Drive

Please RSVP $18.00 per person to Muriel Kirschner 954-963-6891