Support Dave Aronberg for Attorney General

“I hope you will join me in voting for my friend, Dave Aronberg, for Florida Attorney General.

Dave has the best experience to be Attorney General, as he is the only one in this race who actually worked in the AG’s office.  He served under Bob Butterworth as an Assistant Attorney General in the economic crimes division, where he took on consumer fraud and financial scams.

As a White House Fellow, Dave served as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury Department for international money laundering, including the laundering of terrorist assets.

Dave’s experience in protecting public safety has led 18 Democratic Sheriffs to endorse him.  In fact, every endorsing Democratic Sheriff has endorsed Dave in this race, making the count 18 to 0.  Dave also has been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and the Police Benevolent Association, making Dave the clear choice of the law enforcement community.

For the past 8 years, Dave Aronberg has distinguished himself as State Senator, where he has been called the “strongest consumer advocate” by both the Sun-Sentinel and Fort Myers News-Press, and a “fierce consumer advocate” by the Tampa Tribune.  He has gained national attention for his work to keep our streets safer from sex offenders and has passed landmark legislation that safeguards our privacy from the growing threat of identity theft.

See for yourself at <> why Dave Aronberg is the best choice for Attorney General.  Our state needs real change, and Dave will be the one to shake up the status quo.

The Democratic primary election is August 24th – so please spread the word!


Ron Mills

Please help Dave out at the polls for early voting and election day. Email or Call Ron Mills

Fighting for Florida: Senator Dave Aronberg, YOUR Voice in Tallahassee!

I was born and raised in Florida my entire life, and although I’m still in High School, I keep up with the news and politics just as well as, and perhaps in greater detail than, your average College-educated Adult.

The political machine in Tallahassee never ceases to amaze me. From attempting to privatize Alligator Alley, to rewarding private contractors with automatic pay raises, many Floridians have given up on the idea of public servants actually standing up for their rights and being the voice of the ever increasingly “voiceless” consumer.


But not so fast! There’s a rising star in Florida, and he’s standing with everyday Floridians no matter what. State Senator Dave Aronberg, a Democrat representing Green Acres, has continually fought for the little guy in his 10 plus years of public service. And Dave wants to continue his record of protecting the interests of everyday Floridians to the Attorney General’s Office.

Dave has been called “the strongest consumer advocate in Tallahassee” (Sun-Sentinel), and boy does he have the record to prove it! After graduating from Harvard University and then Harvard Law, Aronberg wasted no time getting right to work.

As an attorney, Aronberg worked closely with future Senator Bill Nelson to investigate and prosecute European insurance companies that refused to honor World War II-era policies sold to victims of the Holocaust. Dave was so successful defending victims of special interests money games, he became Assistant Attorney General for Economic Crimes, where he prosecuted cases such as the famous fake Shaman “Miss Cleo”.

In 2000, Dave was selected to be one of 15 White House Fellows from across the country. Perhaps the most prestigious fellowships in the Country, Dave served in two Presidential Administrations as Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury Department for international money laundering.

Dave has served the consumer in the Senate for 6 years- now let’s continue in the Attorney General’s Office!

Then onto the Florida Senate to serve his fellow Floridians it was for Dave! It was here perhaps Aronberg realized his true calling- standing up for the everyday consumer and defending the interests of the state he loves so much.

The Senate’s youngest member, Aronberg wrote major consumer protection legislation, sat on the state’s Medicaid task force to enact major reforms to combat rampant fraud and abuse, and served as chair of the state’s Joint Legislative Committee on Everglades Oversight, leading the Senate’s efforts to secure federal funding for Everglades restoration.

Dave’s Sex Predator Legislation

Perhaps the most obvious indicator of his commitment, Senator Aronberg has returned more than four million dollars to Floridians who have called with consumer complaints!


I love Florida, and I care deeply about it’s future. The millions of Floridians who are written off by the fatcats in the political machine that is Tallahassee in favor of the special interests and big companies deserve a voice, they deserve someone who will defend their rights no matter what, a true consumer advocate- they deserve Senator Dave Aronberg as their next Attorney General!

Senator Dave Aronberg for Attorney General!